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JUMBiES the newest Toy craze!!!!

When I got my JUMBiES in the mail I was so excited! My 5 year old loved them! You must check out there fabulous website loads of fun for the kiddos go here for that http://jumbieland.com/ My little one has spent countless afternoons on there site he just loves it! We are now in the process of collecting all of the JUMBiES lol.

So anyway what is a JUMBiES? Well a JUMBiES are JUMBLED Babies. The storks were so busy delivering baby animals that they started crashing into each other and JUMBLED up all the animals…so a Duck and a Monkey become a Duckey and a Dingo and Bat a Dingbat!!!

These little critters are the next Beanie Baby but better and easy on the wallet too! Don’t wait to long to buy your favorite or it may be gone and on to the next adorable animal!

Jumbies are cute mixed up animals, like for example with a head and body of a Monkey but a bill like a duck and web feet!


There were more babies being born than ever before. The storks had to deliver them from shore to shore. There were baby elephants, bears, dogs, and cats. They had tigers, skunks and even baby bats!

You could also find raccoons, deer, mice and whales. There were camels, sharks and dinosaurs with long tails. There were koalas, kangaroos and chimpanzees. The storks had all kinds of fish and even bumblebees! They had to deliver them in the north, south, east and west.

There was so much to do they had little time for rest. They flew to America, Europe, Antarctica and down under. They went to Africa and Asia trying not to blunder. There was not a place on earth where the storks did not fly. Everywhere in the world the storks filled up the sky. They had to move real fast for there was no time to be slow.

It began to get very confusing on where they had to go. Some storks turned left when they should have turned right. Some storks flew all day when they should have flown at night. Other storks flew east when they should have gone west. Everything went wrong even though they were trying their best. Then in began to happen in a flash! One by one they started to CRASH!!!

The storks smashed right into each other. It kept happening one after the other. They crashed in the clouds up in the air. There were stork feathers everywhere! They landed in the water, the trees and in the dirt. It was a miracle that none of the storks were hurt.

Then they quickly went to see if the babies were okay. The babies were fine but the storks did not know what to say. When the storks crashed and tumbled, it appeared all the animal babies were jumbled! The storks could not believe their eyes. These babies were quite a surprise. They still looked very lovable and sweet. But they were very different from their head to their feet.

There were no more zebras or elephants. But they found lots and lots of Zelephants! They looked for giraffes and buffaloes. But the storks only found Giraffaloes! These jumbled babies became a new breed. So they called them JUMBiES the storks agreed.

There were no lions, tigers or bears anywhere around. But they found thousands of these JUMBiES on the ground. Even bugs, birds and fish were not the same. The storks had to take all of the blame. Now since all the babies were a jumbled mix. The storks had a problem that was not easy to fix. It was not clear where these little ones were suppose to go. These babies were jumbled up so the storks did not know. They took the JUMBiES to a place with palm trees and white sand. The storks called this beautiful island JUMBiELAND.

But the JUMBiES still needed homes where they would be cared for. So the storks flew everywhere on earth and knocked on every door. The storks found homes with loving girls and boys. The JUMBiES have given them many new joys.

But there are more JUMBiES that still happen every day. They too need homes that give them love in a special way. The storks continue to find homes for them like yours and mine. The JUMBiES need your special love because they are one of a kind.


-Mini Comic book and limited edition
-Set of JUMBiES Sand Dollars
-Download FREE Coloring Pages



WINNER IS Vicky Roach

Wanna Win 2 JUMBiES

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