Keep Your Wallet Fat This Fall Season

Money-saving strategies often focus on big-ticket items, consolidating credit-card debts, refinancing homes, and choosing more economical transportation, but most people spend much of their disposable incomes on entertainment. People save money by choosing their entertainment carefully and getting more value for their dollars.

Spending money does not create fun or lead to happiness, but imagination and a little research could help people find stimulating diversions and healthy recreational activities each family member would enjoy. In fact, people who lived through the Great Depression often speak fondly of family activities that people created with imagination and determination.

Sports lovers want to support their favorite teams, but they can save money by choosing cheaper seats and brown-bagging food. Consider joining a local sporting team or bowling league to enjoy social activity and get some exercise for little or no cost. Make a deal with family friends to exchange babysitting services to enjoy free time without paying for sitters.

A few hours escape for pleasant walks, sports activity, or personal time could prove more valuable than a night on the town. Skip the fancy restaurants and pack a picnic to take to a local attraction, park, lake, or tourist attraction. These outings could include the children for family fun or provide an intimate evening for two.

Choose alternative music and concerts that offer family entertainment at lower prices. Instead of forking over funds for premium-priced Lady Gaga tickets, consider enjoying the folk-rock scene and buy The Avett Brothers Tickets for a concert the whole family will enjoy. Emotional and popular, this band offers catchy songs and energetic performances that excite and entertain crossover audiences of all ages. The band recently began touring again after taking time off to deal with a child’s brain cancer. The sadness of the event influenced the band’s music, adding haunting beauty and depth, which critics and media pundits have given rave reviews.People love entertainment and good times, but nobody enjoys spending lots of money, especially when facing uncertain economic conditions. Entertainment helps lighten moods and relieves mental stress, so families should explore ways to enjoy themselves without spending a fortune. People can get ideas from friends, local publications, and civic organizations.

Many cities promote free activities for children, local movies in the park, or free concerts. People who love to watch movies in theaters could buy their tickets in bulk on Amazon and from other outlets. Some online ticket sellers add surcharges, but savvy consumers can buy the tickets directly and avoid paying extra. Local theaters might offer half-price tickets as movie starting times approach.Cutting coupons and searching for bargains online offer great ways to save money on entertainment. Creative thinking not only saves money but also gives people great satisfaction. Enjoy local sports team events on days when promoters offer free giveaways. Active people can enjoy museums or spend time hunting, fishing, hiking or biking.

Amateur plays and experimental theater productions generate great excitement and sometimes showcase the talents of future stars of stage and screen. Play sports with the family and drop expensive gym memberships or consider the benefits of a camping trip for weekend entertainment.

The IT culture and mobile technology have convinced people they must pay for everything, but simple pleasures still make the most memorable occasions and help families save money for important necessities.


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