Keeping Graffiti off the Walls With Anti Graffiti Paint


Whether you are a business or a homeowner, graffiti can be a problem, but there are ways that you can combat the graffiti artists.

Keeping Graffiti off the Walls With Anti Graffiti Paint

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To a homeowner or business owner, graffiti can be a problem, and it can also be frustrating to deal with on a regular basis. Some graffiti is excellent artwork, and can become valuable if created by an artist such as Banksy. However, not all graffiti is artistic, and it can often be words of hatred against anything from religion, politics, race, football team, or even the area that you live. When there is hate speech of any kind is used it becomes an anti-social problem that we all must help to eradicate from our society.

A Solution for Graffiti

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes, and we construct them from a wide variety of different materials. Whatever the wall is made from that you are having problems with graffiti, there is an anti graffiti paint that can help you cope with the problem, as well as frustrate the graffiti artists! For every wall, there is a solution to help you get rid of graffiti, and help deter people from writing on your property in the future.

Sacrificial Coatings

One solution is what is called a sacrificial coating, which is an invisible coating that you apply to the surface of the wall just like you would with paint. Once you cover the surface with this coating, any graffiti that someone paints on the wall can be easily removed using water and a stiff bristled brush or a high-pressure washer to make the job very easy. With a bit of elbow work you can erase the graffiti in no time at all, much to the artist’s frustration. Once you remove the graffiti from the wall, you will need to reapply another coat to the surface so that you can protect the surface again.

Semi-Sacrificial Coatings

Semi-sacrificial coatings work in much the same way as sacrificial coatings, although you need only reapply the protective coating after every two attacks. When removing the graffiti, high pressure can be used, but it is also best to use a solvent that will make sure that the surface of the walls does not erode.

Permanent Coatings

Permanent coatings are often more expensive than their sacrificial equivalents, but once you apply the coating to the surface you do not need to reapply it a second time. The coating creates a protective surface that paints cannot bond to, which will allow them to be easily removed. Using solvent and a bit of elbow work, any graffiti can be removed quickly and easily, restoring the wall to its former state. After a while even the most stubborn graffiti artist will give up and leave your wall alone.

Not all graffiti is bad, and you can often find that some urban street artists can really liven up a neighbourhood with some artistic graffiti. You may want to consider getting a good artist to paint the side of your wall, and then cover it with anti-graffiti paint, protecting the art for years to come and brightening up the local area. Whatever reason you need to protect your walls, there is a solution available that will stop graffiti, and also deter off would be artists from your premises.

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