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Most recently I had the opportunity in reviewing the KitNipBox. KitNipBox is a monthly subscription box full of cats toys, and treats that are focused on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your cats. With fun cat toys, delicious healthy cat treats, must-have accessories, and health and hygiene products, innovative new cat gadgets and awesome surprises!


There are three different KitNipBox you can choose from, the Starter KitNipBox, the Happy Cat KitNipBox, and the Multi-Cat KitNipBox. I received a little something from each box. In this KitNipBox there was,

-A Whale Loofah toy, made from renewable plant fibers and colored with food safe dyes. Your cat can chew away on this toy, while the textured fibers help remove leftover food particles from your cat’s teeth. The spouting feather makes for a fun addition to kick at!

-Smart N’ Tasty, all-natural and nutritious treats that are irresistible! They are grain, gluten, soy and dairy free and made in the U.S.A. These ingredients are used to fight plaque and tartar, a must-have for your cat.

-Feliway Wipes with natural pheromones that help calm your cat during stressful times. The wipes are disposable and allow you to create comfort zones for your cat. Wipe down the carrier before a trip to the vet or use them to create a relaxing space at home.

-A Strawberry Catnip Toy, these sweet summer strawberries are hand crafted by a pair of artisans in Warrenton, VA. Each flannel strawberry is filled with organic bamboo and organic catnip. The fun shape of these toys leads to entertaining playtime, as your cat won’t predict were the strawberry may roll after each swat. Toss this in the air for them and watch the fun begin!

-Honest Kitchen Grace Cat Food made with cage-free turkey and eggs, including produce, such as pumpkin and parsley. This human-grade cat food is safe for both kittens and adult cats, as well as cats who require a grain/gluten-free diet.

-Feather Mouse , this mouse is not only fun, but also stuffed with organic catnip! Cats will go nuts over the feather while the organic catnip will stimulate their senses. The mouse is a perfect way for your cat to get exercise, both physically and mentally.

I have four cats and each of these cool, cat products were awesome for all of them. The treats, the food, and especially the toys. My cats loved the Whale loofah, the feather mouse and the strawberry catnip toy they all fought over them!

And the treats were great as well, I felt good giving them to my cats knowing they were good for them! I recommend you sign up for your own monthly KitNipBox today to get all these wonderful cat treats, and toys!

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  1. I purchased my first KitNipBox in August. They included a mylar streamer wand toy, made by Ethical Products. My beautiful, healthy 8 1/2 year old cat some how got a hold of the toy and ate the streamers off. He died shortly after having surgery to remove them. KitNipBox’es contain unsafe toys. They still partner with Ethical Pet Products, who have not just one, but many unsafe cat toys. Just look around on Amazon, and you can see how Ethical Products toys have killed cats, and many other have had to have surgery.

    Please, do not use mylar toys. These are slowly going off the market, because of the huge danger they pose for cats. It’s basically thick tinsel. Ethical Products, and KitNipBox still think it’s fine to use mylar toys. My best friend is dead because of it. My sweet Latte died alone, and scared in a cage. He deserved so much better than that.

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