Kitty a Go-Go Review

Currently had the pleasure of trying the Kitty a Go-Go. The Kitty a Go-Go is just a litter box with a pull out large capacity litter tray drawer for easy cleanup. Made with high quality, high impact stain-resistant plastic. There is a replaceable liner that comes with it. Oh, and there is built-in ventilation slots so that your cat won’t be over whelmed with its own poo smell. Hahahaha. As well as a clear flip door that attaches with Velcro. Also in the back there is a hand scoop storage, and a metal rake in the inside to help scoop that poop!

I was so ecstatic to get the Kitty a Go-Go in the mail. Before I got it I could pick a design I liked best. They have many, stylish designs to choose from: Polka Dot, Black, Leopard, Woodgrain, Flowers, and Metallic. I chose Woodgrain and was very happy with my choice when it came in. It looked so great.

When I first got it, I took out the instructions and read them, luckily the thing was all set up already, all I had to do was add litter. I took it out of the box and went to go get litter. One of my cats had already made their self’s at home and laid it in. I hope they knew it wasn’t for laying it. Once I put the litter in they got the idea.

My cats and I really liked the Kitty a Go-Go. The cover over top of it took away the unsightly look of the dirty litter in it. And the vents aired most of the smell. I usually have trouble with my scooper, after I’m done I don’t have a hook or anything to put it on. I would just put it on the floor, which would make it dirty with litter. And I would have to sweep constantly. But since the Kitty a Go-Go has a hand scoop storage in the back made it so much easier. And the whole thing was just very stylish.

But there were only a couple things that bothered me. The drawer was a little difficult to pull out, but with a little elbow grease, and a jiggle it would pull out. And the clear plastic door, my cats were freaked out by it. When they were doing their do, the door would close behind them and it was hard for them to get out. I guess they felt caged inside. I feel their pain, I don’t think anyone would want to feel caged in when they were at their most vulnerable moment. Lol.

But it just depends on your cat, I have 4 and all of them don’t like the door. Maybe some cats feel secure with the door, and maybe some feel caged.

Overall, the Kitty a Go-Go was a great invention. It made clean up easier, and it added a stylish look to the area. I would definitely recommend it to people with cats.


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