Know All About Puppy Growth- A Small Guide

So you’ve brought home a cute little puppy and are elated to have them with you. But soon after, like anxious parents, pet owners are worried if their puppy is growing well. Is it undernourished, is it overnourished? Am I feeding it right? Is it getting enough exercise and a lot more…This article tries to answer all these questions that pet owners have.

Growth Stages for your puppy

The growth of your puppy depends on its breed. The smaller the breed, the faster the growth of your puppy will be. Irrespective of the breed, the puppies have their eyes and ears closed when they are born. The puppy uses only the front legs to crawl to the mom. The pup’s weight gets doubled in the second week and it will begin to open its eyes and ears.

Initial Weeks

By the time the puppy is a month old, the sleeping time reduces. It starts playing and jumping around. By this time, the puppy will move away from the sleeping area to tend to nature’s call. Gradually, the puppy will learn to bite. 

In the sixth week, you can start feeding a puppy with puppy food. Begin with small portions of meals 5 to 6 times a day. The mom may not continue feeding in the 6th week. So, as a dog owner, you need to pay attention and ensure that the puppy is getting the right amount of food and nutrition. 

By the time your puppy is 8 weeks, it gradually begins transitioning from being a puppy to an adolescent dog.  Depending on the breed, your pup is likely to weigh between 0.6kgs to 6.8 kgs. As per the puppy growth chart, a small breed pup would likely weigh between 0.6kgs to 1.6 kgs when it is 2 months old, whereas a large breed puppy such as German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and more may weigh as much as 6.8kgs. 

Naturally, the nutrition requirements and portions will also depend on the dog breed. 

Vaccination and Training Time

Your puppy should get its first vaccination when it is about 3 months. At this age, the puppy is learning fast. You must begin training your puppy. Also, continue to teach new things. The pup will love exploring. So, when they are about 5 months, you can start taking your pup for a short walk. This is also the time when they learn the traits of socializing. 


Most pet owners are worried if their pet dog is getting the right nutrition. To maintain the ideal weight of your dog, you must ensure that it gets the right amount of food, adequate exercises, and enough playtime and sleep.


Eventually, your puppy will mature to become a fully grown dog. If you have a female dog, you’ll need to keep a tab when it goes in heat, that’s twice in a year. 

A male dog may mature faster than the female counterpart. Watch their behavior. Look for signs of aggressiveness, desire to roam and more.

Read the detailed puppy growth chart here!

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