Knowing When Your Used Car Needs Maintenance

Knowing When Your Used Car Needs Maintenance

Whether you have a new car or an old car you drive everyday, eventually it’s going to need a tune-up. When this time comes we now have to take our vehicle to our trusted auto repair shop. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you are due for a tune-up, and then sometime the car will display certain symptoms that indicate a tune-up is needed. Then many times it can even show no signs and symptoms of needed a repair or tune-up until you find yourself stuck on the side of the road, because the vehicle broke down. That’s why knowing the signs and getting tune-ups when they are regularly due is important.

Use these 5 signs that your vehicle needs a tune-up:

1. Car stalls often

This could mean a few things, but many times it’s the spark plugs. Other times it may just be an adjustment to an electronic sensing device. Remember it’s always great idea to check with your trusted mechanic when you are unsure of the problem.

2. Trouble starting

Trouble starting your vehicle could be a fuel pump, battery, ignition problems that a tune-up could fix. The best way to know for sure is to have it diagnosed by a mechanic. Whatever the case, don’t ignore this symptom.

3. Warning lights

Always pay attention to the small warning light on the dash. These little lights will light up and stay on after starting the car when there is an issue or problem with the vehicle. Make sure to pay attention to these lights when they light up, and be sure to get it checked out right away. They could be the sign of a major problem or something as simple as…click here to read the full post.

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