KRUPS F203 – Cheapest yet Most selling coffee bean grinder – A review

The path towards making a great cup of coffee lies in all the steps and details which you go through to prepare it. From purchasing appropriate coffee beans to brewing it to the desired strength with precision gives you the perfect cup of coffee which you are aiming for. One important step amongst the many in this process is grinding of the coffee beans. It is really important to take into consideration the consistency and particle size of the coffee grounds to brew it perfectly. This task can get much easier by investing in a reliable coffee grinder. Amongst the many sought after coffee grinders in the market today, we have chosen the KRUPS F203 coffee grinder and reviewed it to make things clear.

Features of KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder

The following features and specifications of the KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder will give you a clear idea about the grinder as well as its functionality.

  • The most important feature of this coffee grinder is that it can grind up to 12 cups of coffee, hence possessing a large grinding capacity.
  • A multi- ingredient grinder, KRUPS F203 not only grinds coffee beans but also other kitchen raw ingredients such as spices, nuts and herbs.
  • The oval design and stainless steel blades seek for faster grinding along with desired consistency. You can adjust the functioning of the blades to get a coarse or fine consistency of the coffee beans as per required.
  • The single speed feature determines the type of consistency of the grinding process. For instance, less grinding time indicates that the coffee is coarse and more grinding time indicates that the coffee is finely ground.
  • The 200 watt motor increases the grinding process for faster grinding.
  • The uniform interior design ensures that you could grind a large amount of coffee, i.e. up to 3 ounces, within seconds. For similar design and better functionality you can check more burr grinder evaluations at CoffeeMakersList.
  • The dimensions of the KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder are 10 x 10.5 x 21 centimeters.

Pros of KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder

  • The KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder has a large grinding capacity as mentioned above, which means you can grind and brew a large number of coffee cups for many family members at the same time.
  • The twin, stainless steel blades account for a faster and uniform grinding consistency.
  • Being compact and designer, it will definitely up the ante of your kitchen décor while not using much space on your kitchen platform.
  • Handling the KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder is quite easy too. The oval shape of the coffee grinder can be lifted, placed and moved over easily. It can also fit in any place without much disturbance.
  • You can grind the coffee beans with your desired consistency. It can grind to a consistency from fine to coarse as per required.
  • As mentioned above, the single speed system ensures the correct time to determine the type of consistency of the grinding process.
  • Along with coffee beans, you can use it to grind any other raw ingredients such as spices, herbs and nuts. Thus, it is a multi- investment grinder for your kitchen.
  • It is quite affordable similar to capresso grinder. You can achieve the perfect consistency of coffee while putting in a low investment.
  • The functioning of the machine is quite simple too. The single- touch operation of the machine produces easy grinding mechanism.

Cons of KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder

While the pros of this grinder are impressive, there are some cons to it too.

  • This grinder makes a lot of noise and fails at the silence aspect. While other grinders make noise too, the KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder produces a loud sound as compared to other grinders. While the motor is near to silent, the noise is produced when the coffee beans come in contact to the blades.
  • Cleaning of the grinder is a difficult task. When you have to wash the grinder, you will need to manually remove the leftover residue from within, either by hand or by using a spoon. Cleaning and maintaining of this grinder is a messy task.
  • The grinder is not ideal for grinding the coffee beans to a consistency suitable for espresso. You will have to judge according to the visual grinding for a desired texture.


The cons of the KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder are negligible at some level. While the pros are quite intriguing, At Amazon this grinder has been sold for 10k+ times with an impressive rating of 4.1 at an affordable price of $19. That counts for something, isn’t it? So ultimately, the KRUPS F203 Coffee Grinder is definitely a heads up.

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