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Our dog Roscoe can’t be left alone for more than 5 minutes at the least! He can not be trusted, he will get into something he isn’t supposed to, or chew something up. And we will soon find out what he did by looking at his guilty face expression. I know that my dog isn’t the only one in the world that gets into so much trouble.

Thankfully Kyjen sent over two wonderful dog toys free of charge in exchange for Roscoes honest opinion. The first toy is called the Dog Games Puzzle Toys Doggy Blocks Spinner a two-part problem solving mechanism to challenge your dog. The Doggy Blocks Spinner has four square treat containers, which can be reached by removing the cups covering each part. When all the four cups are moved your dog must learn to rotate the top half of the toy to expose four more treat containers.


I wasn’t really sure what the whole point of the toy was, until I watched the video that went with it. Here I learned, my dog doesn’t do certain things because he wants to ruin it and get us mad. He is bored! We give him new toys, and try to play with him and everything, but we just don’t have the right tools to eliminate my dog’s particular brand of boredom. It makes sense why he gets into so much stuff. He needs environmental enrichment, which is something they use at the zoos. Including games and puzzles to challenge the animals and allow them to behave and act in the same ways they would in the wild.



Roscoe has wild animal instincts like sniffing everything to find out what it is, getting into things and seeing what they are, and hunting/finding things, challenging himself. But what is in it for me and my dog Roscoe? Well this toy is supposed to decrease my dog’s level of boredom and simulate his brain during playtime. This particular toy can satisfy my dogs’s boredom, hopefully.

So, I first set up the toy before calling Roscoe in. I took out each cup and put a treat in each square container. I rotated it, to see what it really did. It seemed pretty easy to figure out, I just hope that it wasn’t going to be too easy for Roscoe. Then, I call him in and he is already sniffing in the air because he can smell the treats. He then moves his nose to the toy. He is sniffing all over and bumping his nose into the cups on top. And I’m sitting here in my chair waiting for him to do something. Time passes, well maybe like 30 seconds and he just gives up, he grunts and walks away.

I didn’t even know what to say. He didn’t even try to bite it or do anything to it. He gave up! I was so disappointed, but I didn’t give up just yet. I replaced the treats with another one of his treats that he can’t resist, and called him over once more. Knowing that this time he would do something. Desperate I made it easier for him and removed the cups, so all he would have to do was rotate it to get the other treats. So to my surprise he did rotate it but so he could reach all the treats at the same time. I wasn’t disappointed in the product, it is by far creative and innovative, I was disappointed in my dog’s ability to be lazy. I just have to play with it with him more so he can kind of get the idea. What I’m thinking is that he didn’t really know how to reach the treats so he just gave up. If I show him that there are treats under the cups then he will know that he has to move them to get the good stuff! I won’t give up just yet, I will fulfill my dogs boredom!

The second toy is called Extreme Seam Red Snake Invincibles, keeps squeaking when punctured! This toy is made with new and improved designs including double layered seams super tough, no-tear lining and Dura Tuff material. And made with no stuffing. With their patent-pending Invincibles squeakers, they can still squeak even when punctured. They have created a better, longer-lasting squeaking dog toy. If I had a dollar for every time I read on a toy that it is long-lasting and can stand up against my dogs’s sharp teeth and mind-set of destroying all his toys, I’d be pretty wealthy. But hey, I still had to give this toy a try and see what made it so different from the other torn up toys in my garbage. Attached to the tag came a sample of the Dura tuff, and I was pretty convinced. It was tough, I couldn’t get even a torn thread out of it. I can’t see any way that my Roscoe could get through this.


Before giving him his new toy, I gave him a long talk. Something I usually do with every new toy, I tell him please don’t try to demolish this toy, take care of it play nice. Whether or not he can understand me or is just wondering what the heck I am saying and just give him his toy already, I feel like I do get somewhere! Hahaha.


I threw him his new toy, and of course he viciously swung it back and forth and threw it around himself. Then came the true test, he laid down on his bed and started to chew on it. I knew he was thinking the same thing I was, “Let’s see if this toy can handle this.”


After a few minutes I saw nothing torn off, so I walked away. I came back about five minutes later and he was playing with another toy. I look down at the Red Snake, and I saw an eye torn off. I’m thinking, “My dog must have weird titanium teeth!” I couldn’t believe it, I was so shocked. However……………he has chewed off the eyes but he could not tear through any other part of the toy. At first I was a bit skeptical, but knowing he could not get through the rest of the toy I was so happy. I kind of felt like rubbing it in his face that he couldn’t ruin this toy. Ha Ha Till’ this day he still tries to rip it but, I stand above him smiling, knowing he can’t get through it. I can not believe we finally found such a tough toy, even tougher than my dog!

We have bought and reviewed several toys for Roscoe and the Invincibles is the very first dog toy he cannot completely destroy, and for that I highly recommend this toy if you have a dog who is a massive chewer.

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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