Laica Mineralbalance Water Filtration System Review

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Laica Mineralbalance Water Filtration System has a bi-flux filter that preserves the beneficial and essential mineral that are naturally present in tap water. The bi-flux filter has a technology that maintains the right pH level in the water. This filter does not release any harmful ammonium, BPA5, Epichlorohydrin, and Polyvinyl Chloride into your drinking water. Studies were conducted by independent laboratories that show that the bi-flux filter system maintains the perfect and right balance of calcium and magnesium minerals naturally presented in tap water.
Each bi-flux filter retains the mineral balance in your water for up to 40 gallons! Which is the same as more 300+ 16 oz water bottles! 
I was so happy to be able to review this product, I love drinking water, it is very healthy for me and my family and knowing that maybe out other filters could possibly be stripping our water of the natural minerals water attains I had to try this one out. The Laica Mineralbalance Water Filtration System was made in Italy and has an elegant and stylish Italian design, being available in 6 vibrant colors: White, Orange, Blue, Fuchsia, Yellow, and Green. The pitcher and raw materials are BPA Free as well. I received one in the color Orange. This filter has a removable electronic indicator so you know when to change your filter and it is easy to remove for cleaning your pitcher. 
The pitcher is less bulky than carrying and storing multiple store-bought water bottles. This filter, filters water that is ideal for every day drinking water and for cooking great tasting food. It’ll save you money too, instead of buying tons of water bottles you can just buy this simple filtration system and it’ll filter and provide great water than the normal packaged bottles of water that contain about only 24 bottles. 
I was happy to have my family drink water from this filtration system, because I knew what it was doing and how beneficial it was. 
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