Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge All-In-One PC Giveaway

Disclosure: I did not received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation. This was sent to another blogger in which I am helping to promote. I am in no way responsible for any prizes won.


Is your computer slow? Are you out of disk space? Do you need a newer, faster, and more powerful computer? Well, if so, move over, I’m right there with you! 

Introducing the Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge All-In-One PC.


This beauty packs an 18.5” LED display and can be mounted onto to any wall. The ThinkCentre Edge comes complete with a DVD burner, a 3rd generation Intel Core i3 processor, and six USB 2.0 ports. Great for both home and office users, this computer is ideal for small businesses, too! 

The specifications:

  • Windows 7 OS
  • 18.5-inch LCD Display
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM (option)
  • 1TB HDD (option)
  • Dual-core Intel Core i3 Processor

ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge All-In-One PC– (Starting Nov 4, 2013, USA only and ends Nov 18,2013) GOOD LUCK!

*Be sure to comment below why you want to win!!
Disclosure: I did not received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation. This was sent to another blogger in which I am helping to promote. I am in no way responsible for any prizes won.

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  1. amelia qualls says

    Hi im a single parent of 2,and4 year old boys im a stay at home mother on monthly income due to my sons illness and would be great to have to do online classes..

  2. denesha dunigan says

    I need to win because I need a computer to finish online classes at Indiana State University.

  3. Rebecca Fuentes says

    I would like to win this for my children…the last 5 years have been horrible for them–they have lost both grandparents,their father, and a cousin. I lost my job and have been unemployed for 1 1/2 years. They have had to move 4 times in a year. We have finally secured housing–I don’t have any income as of yet, but, we do have a roof over our head and for that I am grateful. I just want to put a smile in my babies’ faces.

  4. Would love to win this for my son and his family

  5. Let me say first i have never won anything, hope i do for my son and grand children. I have always had a rough life growing up and couldnt afford anything. Heres my chance for my family to have a computer, we’ve had a bad year with all the deaths in our family,our youngest grand daughter wants a computer in the worst way, see her dad passed away and he was a hard worker so he would of gotten her one, shes 5 now, and she already knows how to run one. It would begreat my son could do his homework, my daughter classes for her ged, grand girls play educational games, lilly is right into learning more each day, shes the one lost her dad and my other grand daughter has autism so this would be great for her to learn from too. Then i can do a on line job, and supply these good deals for my family, I myself. am disabled and my husband is to so our income isnt much just enoigh to cover the bills.

  6. Valerie Clanton says

    My daughter is in college but lives at home. She goes to the campus library to use their computer. But she really needs this computer to complete her assignments and communicate with her professors. We share a tiny notebook and she is taking an online class as well as needs it to do assignments. But this one is so small that she just can’t do anything for long periods of time as she soon gets a headache. I was hoping we could give her a new computer for Christmas but my husband and I are both disabled and we’re just not able to get her one at this time. Our daughter is a really good girl and she has made much sacrifice to help her parents. There are a lot of things she has gone without and she never compliant. I know she wants a computer with a bigger screen but she won’t ask because she knows we can’t get one right now. But she really deserves this. And we would be grateful. Thanks.

  7. I’d probably fall over if I won this! lol..

  8. I would like to win this for my family and I, that way we can video call our family relatives around the world and take turns using it for homeworks, research etc.

    – Thank You for your time =)

  9. I have three little angels at home that deserve so much that i cant give them. A new computer to do all their homework on and play their learning games would bless our family. To see the look on their faces Christmas morning when they would tear open the wrapping paper and open up a present I could only dream of giving them would make their eyes light up and my heart melt. Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize like this!

  10. debi affrunti says

    My daughter needs a computer she always coming to my house to use mind

  11. tammy saylor says

    I would love to win for my daughter for Christmas.

  12. christy colln says

    I would love to win this for my son and also for the family! This would be great!

  13. i would love this for my grandson, so he can get his homework done, ontime.

  14. Crystal Rogers Walker says

    It would be for me because my desktop is dying a slow death

  15. i’d love to get this for my husband

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