Litter Spinner Litter Box Review

Being an owner of 4 cats I can tell you first hand about changing the little box and what a daunting a task it can be. Changing the little 2 times a day and 4 different boxes, running around with my little litter scooper and plastic bag. I can’t tell you what a relief it his to have found the Litter Spinner Litter Box. The Litter Spinner litter box is the new litter cleaning mechanism! It sifts and cleans your litter in just seconds! Awesome, right? No more scooping out poop!

Litter Spinner Litter Box Review

Litter Spinner Litter Box Review

Litter Spinner Litter Box Review

I know many of you have at least 1 cat or more, and you know the pain of cleaning their litter boxes every day or every other day. Trust me, I feel your pain.

The Litter Spinner is made in the USA with recycled material. The patented design reduces the commune litter odors, controls dust and cat litter mess. It is uses no electric wiring, batteries and any cords which is awesome! It is easy to clean, as well as, it is much more sanitary then your stand litter box. Which is wonderful.

I really enjoy the fact, that I don’t have to buy all these crazy accessories or attachments. Oh and what about the litter mess our cats always leave us? Well no worries becaue the Litter a spinner reduces litter being on the floor. It even saves money, because it uses less litter. So you won’t have to buy cat litter as often anymore. As well, it is a pretty fair price itself. Being other, easy cleaning litter boxes are quite pricey.

The Litter Spinner comes in 8 colors: Tan, Black, White, Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, and Grey.

I received a Pink Litter a spinner to review. I have to say that I was very excited, when I read about it. I’m always working on having a simple solution to litter cleaning.

This product is heavy duty and well made. Assembly was super easy, I had to follow 5 easy steps: Align the base halves and snap them together. Next, insert slide guide into the back half of the drum. Push it in completely. Then, align arrow on the drum halves with a Phillips screwdriver, then assemble the drums using the screws provided. No need for power tools. Then, I had to insert the drawer and make sure the drain plug is pushed insecurely on the back of the drum. And lastly, I filled the drums with 2-3/4″ of the litter (or use the fill line) I use and place the drum on the base, and BAM! All done.

It was easy to use as well. To clean the Litter Spinner, place your hands on top of the drum, using a hand-over-hand motion. Slowly spin the drum slightly more than one rotation. Then rotate backwards to the starting position to level the litter for the next use.

Here’s a helpful tip: After rotating the drum, make sure that it is secure on the base, to prevent unwanted movement. After rotating, don’t forget to remove the drawer and discard the waste and then replace the drawer. There is also a litter level line in the inside of the drum that tells you what the proper level of littler is. The Littler Spinner includes a clump stick that helps dislodge any clumps attached to the inside of the drum.

Since I brought this into the house for my cats, they first thought it was a bed, because they took turns going inside and laying down and fighting over it haha.  Then of course I added litter after letting them get use to it. They all used it eventually, and I’ve been spinning away on that thing everyday. It takes no time at all and love that it eliminates scooping cat litter by hand.

This is just one wonderful invention. I highly recommend this to cat owners.

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Such a great idea

  2. The smell and the mess is the worst!

  3. Mary Mudd says

    I hate the smell!!! Its almost unbearable!!! But I love my CharlieAnn!

  4. rebecca day says

    it stinks

  5. Kelly Britton says

    I hate cleaning the box because it gets so heavy and smells SO bad!

  6. for me its painful to scoop hurts my back and i have a bad back and have to litter boxes i have to scoop

  7. I would say the smell is the worst part.

  8. Tammy Lacer says

    The worst part for me is the smell since I have 3 cats…that box fills up fast.

  9. Pamela Barbee says

    The mess I have on the bathroom floor while scooping out the clumps of litter.

    • besides the mess my dogs try to get into the litter box they make a bigger mess, with this only the cat will be able to enter. love it

  10. Heather C says

    digging for “chunks” shall we say 🙂

  11. Elenora Spears says

    I hate cleaning the litter box because it stinks so bad!!

  12. Diana Stanhope says

    The worse part to me is getting litter in the carpet!

  13. The smell, the bending over, the smell, the grossness…need I go on?

  14. chantelle moore says

    the smell!!!!

  15. I hate changing our cats’ litter boxes because it is messy & gross, plus my back hurts after all that stooping over! I have to scoop them several times a day & am very excited to find this product! Would love to have a couple for my kitties!!

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