Long Weekend in Delhi? Must Visit These 3 Weekend Getaways

Long Weekend in Delhi? Must Visit These 3 Weekend Getaways

After working for such long days, when you get a break, you surely look forward to some recreational activities. Changing your way of living during the break can prove to be beneficial because you will feel rejuvenated. Thus, if you are checking the Pune to Delhi flight status today and wondering what you would do after getting back home in Delhi, you can consider a change. Go out for a weekend trip with your family and friends. Have fun to explore new places for a change and live life without the worry of deadlines. If you already see yourself packing for your weekend trip, here are 3 places that would be the most suitable for you when you set out on your weekend trip from Delhi.

  • The Royal Jaipur: Delhi is severely cold in winter. Thus, if you are looking for a warm weekend trip, Jaipur should be on your list of priorities. Jaipur is only 293 km from Delhi. Thus, the five and a half hours drive or a quick flight would be refreshing. Once in Jaipur, you can visit the historical wonders dating back to those days when the power of the Rajputana ruled this part of India. This Pink City built of red sandstone has royal things to offer to the tourists. From grand forts and beautiful palaces decorated in an eye-dazzling manner to the famous Rajasthani cuisine, Jaipur is an all-time favourite of the Delhites. You can even shop for traditional attires there at an affordable price apart from delving into the luxury of palace stays and elephant rides.
  • The Romantic Shimla: Can you think of bearing the excessive heat of Delhi in summer when the cool romantic place of Shimla is just 346 km from Delhi? A long drive through plains and a mountainous road can be both thrilling and romantic. If possible, you should try to take the Kalka-Shimla toy train. This train leaves behind a winding trail through the woods and elevation and, hence, the breathtaking view makes this one of the favourite things to do in Shimla. Once in Shimla, you must try out the only open-air ice skating in Shimla apart from river rafting, hiking, rock climbing, paragliding and other adventure sports. Indeed, Shimla is going to give you an adventurous weekend trip! And, if you feel disappointed at not being able to make a snowman there, you should hire a car and visit Rohtang Pass from Shimla. Though the road is a little rugged and slippery at the mouth of the pass, the snow compensates for the rest of the inconvenience.
  • The Exotic Agra: To escape the tiring daily routine and to spend a romantic evening with your partner, Agra should be your first choice. Located 233 km from Delhi, Agra is one of the most visited places by both Indian and foreigners. With the Taj Mahal glorifying India’s ethnicity as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra is an unmistakable place to visit. Apart from the Taj Mahal, you can also visit other heritage sites such as the Agra Fort, Jehangir’s Palace, Khas Mahal and others. Agra also has a number of excellent sweet shops and restaurants where you can have the traditional Awadhi and North Indian cuisine. The food in Agra is a real delight if you are a foodie and, thus, you should never think of following a strict diet once you go there.

Taking a break from your day to day lives is essential. A when you have a long weekend coming up, sitting down on your porch and reading the newspaper in the morning isn’t a very interesting thing to do. Thus, check the Pune to Delhi flight status today so that you can plan your weekend trip accordingly. Go out and have fun  

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