Love These New Fall-Flavored Popcorns from GH Cretors!

Most recently I had the opportunity in trying a couple products from G.H. Cretors sent to me in return for this post.

Autumn has just begun and that means leaves changing colors, chilly weather, warm sweaters, pumpkins, caramel apples, Halloween and more! Back in New York during the fall season I would take my kids to the Cider Mill, were you can buy different flavors of cold or hot apple cider, sweet caramel apples, or watch donuts be made and be able to buy them fresh! Not only do my kids enjoy caramel apples, they love caramel popcorn as well. I recently had the chance in trying three new Limited Edition Seasonal Corn flavors from G.H. Cretors

Love These New Fall-Flavored Popcorns from GH Cretors!

G.H. Cretors has been making popped corn since 1885. Great Grandpa Cretors invented the popcorn machine making popcorn a mainstream snack. For 5 generations his family has been perfecting the art of popping corn and following in his footsteps taste testing recipes in their kitchen. 
G.H. Cretors makes original caramel corn where their caramel is made the old fashioned way; cooked in copper kettles, even with their cheese corn they melt real cheddar cheese to the right temperature before pouring it over top the fluffiest popcorn you’ll ever taste! 
The three new Limited Edition Seasonal Corn flavors are, 
-Double Chocolate Caramel Corn.
This popcorn is handcrafted and hand mixed with buttery copper kettle cooked caramel, they add hand-roasted whole almonds and cashews to the caramel corn then drizzle real decadent white and dark chocolate. 
I’ve never had caramel corn like this before, it was so good and the flavors worked together greatly. There were delicious chunks of caramel corn covered in chocolate that melted in your mouth. Along with the crunchy almonds and cashews. My family loved this flavor so much, my youngest son who isn’t the biggest fan of nuts even enjoyed the Double Chocolate Caramel Corn. He said it all tasted so good together. 
-Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn
Their popped popcorn is blended with real pumpkin then hand mixed with their delicious buttery caramel that has also been immersed with classic pumpkin pie flavors. This caramel corn combination is infused with roasted walnuts and pumpkin seeds. 
I’m not a big fan of Pumpkin Spice flavors, but this caramel corn had just the right amount of pumpkin flavors that make this caramel corn irresistible to me. I love pumpkin seeds too! I make them every year during the Halloween. My daughter also doesn’t like Pumpkin Spice flavored foods, but this Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn is something she will eat over and over again. 
-Orchard Apple Caramel Corn
Old fashioned copper kettle cooked caramel is drizzled and mixed in with the fluffiest popcorn covering every nook and cranny, real juicy Fuji and Granny Smith apple slices are added giving the caramel corn that tasty tart apple flavor. 
My whole family enjoyed this caramel corn, the sweet sliced apples was a great addition. Have a mouth full of buttery caramel cover popcornwith tart apples. Wonderful combination. 
G.H. Cretors uses non-GMO ingredients in all their products, their products are all gluten-free certified as well. These caramel corn flavors are great for every occasion, put a bowl out during a small get together, much on some while watching your favorite movie, or even give a bag away as a gift! I know I would love if I got one of these tasty caramel corn flavors as a gift.  
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