Luxurious (But Pocket-Friendly) Ways to Vacation with Your Family!

You may well be keen to visit the world’s best attractions with your family however, there is also a likelihood that you’re out off by the thought of expensive flights and accommodation. Thankfully there are ways of enjoying magical holiday experiences on a tight budget. You can start off by selecting a suitable time of year to travel.

South Africa In January:

It is more than likely that you’ll want to spend Christmas at home with your family but you might also keen to escape the cold and damp weather immediately after the festive season. You may even be tempted to take advantage of discount travel to the sunny climes of South Africa. You’ll discover that there are a great range of natural attractions in this part of the world. There’ll be the opportunity to see amazing animals such as the lion, leopard and rhino in the great national parks. You may even have the option of a relatively cheap stay in one of the luxury hotels in Cape Town.

Wyoming In February:

Those of you with a love of winter-spots will undoubtedly have heard about the resorts in Canada. However, you might also be aware that it is extremely expensive to stay in places such as Whistler and Banff. Thankfully it is possible to book a fairly cheap holiday at one of the chalets in Wyoming. You will then have the option of making trips to the spectacular Teton mountain range, experiencing the bonus of breath-taking landscapes and getting fit along the way (since walking holidays are becoming the next big thing) If you don’t fancy skiing or snowboarding then you can always have a go at snowshoeing or dog sledding. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the companies specialising in these activities charge varying amounts.

French Polynesia In March:

You may have heard warnings about the rainy season which lasts from November to April in French Polynesia. However, you should remember that the damp spells are sporadic and pretty short. It is also possible to find cheap local accommodation during this extended period. You could even stay in one of the hotels which have been graced by Harrison Ford and Meg Ryan in recent years. You might also like to try the delicious barbecued fish at Bloody Mary’s restaurant during your holidays in this part of the world.

Thailand In June:

If you’re really keen to experience ultimate luxury then it would be worth taking a summer holiday to Thailand. You’ll discover that there are some first class hotels offering substantially discounted rates at this time of year. Many of them have family sized swimming pools and plush restaurants. You may even find accommodation within close proximity of the world class white sand beaches. You could stop off and enjoy views across the Andaman Sea or head out on a snorkelling adventure with your children.

Hawaii In November:

If you’re really keen to enjoy long days on spectacular sun kissed beaches then it would be worth booking tickets to Hawaii. While here you’ll have the opportunity to laze about on the sandy stretches of Waikiki and Punalu’u. There will even be a chance of spotting famous local residents such as Bethany Mellani Hamilton and Jack Johnson. And don’t forget to try the fresh seafood dishes at luxurious restaurants such as 3660 On The Rise and La Mer in Oahu. The expenditure will seem well worth it when you experience the taste sensation of fresh tako followed by sweet malasadas.

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