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I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the MeCam. The MeCam is the hands-free wearable video camera that pins to your shirt. This camera can be worn as a necklace, or pinned on to anything to capture video from that point of view.

MeCam was nice enough to send over this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

This tiny unique video camera is light weight, and will record in low-light or in the dark with it’s built in infrared (IR) LED lights.  Plus 720P HD video and will shoot photos at 5 megapixel and records high quality video.

I found that the MeCam was easy to upload and transfer my videos. Just simply plug it  into your computer with the provided USB cord to download your video.


This cute little MeCam comes in 6 colors to choose from: black, blue, white, green, blue, and pink, and 3 different sizes 4GB that records 1HRs of video, 8GB that records 2HRs of video and lastly 16GB that will record 4HRs of video.


You can also take still photos because the MeCam also doubles as a 5.0 MP digital camera. Just point and shoot. No matter what your doing in your day to day life  you can capture it in video or pictures with MeCam.

Weighing in at only ¼ of a pound, you can take your MeCam anywhere you go. It will pin to your ,shirt, bag or wear it as a necklace. MeCam is simple to use and is appropriate for all ages. It is operated by 3 easy to use buttons located on the side of the device, which are easily accessible while the device is attached to you.

The MeCam is small, durable and well made. Comes with everything you need to start video recording anywhere you go. Plus this is one of the most extremely mobile video camera’s I have ever seen. The main issues I came across was keeping the camera in focus because of being on your shirt. While walking your video ends up coming out very shaky and hard to watch. If your standing still it’s great. But when your trying to catch video from that point of view your not planing to stand still most likely.

I recommend this camera for shots that wouldn’t require you to move around a whole lot.

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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