Modern Bathroom Design Tips That You Can Apply At Home

The real estate prices in Sydney are one of the most expensive all over the world. Based on Savills’ World Cities Prime Residential Index forecast released in early 2020, the capital city of New South Wales is one of the three cities worldwide that has the best property growth potential this year. The Global Housing Watch survey from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also claimed that housing prices in the city are one of the most expensive in the world. In 2019, the average housing rates in the city reached a staggering $973,664. 

If you spend that much for a home in the city, you must expect to see a well-maintained property that you and your family can comfortably live in. Aside from well-appointed living rooms and kitchens, you should also have clean and functional bathrooms. It might be the smallest part of the house, but you need to make sure that you have working water and plumbing fixtures all the time. You may work with credible plumbing services in Sydney to help maintain your bathrooms and toilets. If you want to upgrade your bathroom at home, here are several modern bathroom design tips that you can follow. 

Modern Bathroom Colour Scheme Trends For 2020

Most homeowners are not exactly particular about the designs of their bathrooms. But modern homeowners begin to look for ways to improve the looks of their bathrooms to complement the rest of the home. One of the first things that they change in their bathrooms is the colour of their walls and tiles. 

If you want to make your small bathroom look more spacious, you can change the wall colour to white. This classic colour can visually open the space and helps boost the illumination of the place. For larger bathrooms, you may opt to change it to brilliant colours like deep purple, royal blue, and maroon to add more life to the room. If you want to improve your mood while spending time in the bathroom, you can pick energy-boosting shades like oranges and yellows.  

Modern Bathroom Surface Finish Trends For 2020

To add more drama to your bathroom, you need to select the right materials for the room. Since there is a higher risk for humidity and condensation in the room, you need to make sure that the materials that you will use can withstand the temperature. Some of the most durable materials that can help you improve the look of your bathroom include copper and bronze. They may cost more than the average porcelain sinks or tiles, but its durability can last a lifetime. They also provide a warm, lovely patina over time. 

You may also look for engineered quartz countertops for long-term use. While these are less porous compared to natural stones, it does not collect stains over the years. It also comes with different styles and colours that could suit the overall design of the room. 

Modern Bathroom Wall Decoration Trends For 2020

You will never run out of options when looking for the right building materials for your bathroom. Some homeowners still pick the usual ceramic tiles in different shades, shapes, and sizes. This material can resist moisture and stand extreme temperatures. When installed properly, this material can last for decades. You may also choose natural stones for less maintenance and higher durability. 

Other popular bathroom wall solutions include glass. It is the material of choice for homeowners who aim to have a more contemporary bathroom design. They can also get metallic materials coated with chrome or zinc.   

These are just some of the best bathroom design solutions that you can use if you plan to improve your bathroom at home. You need to find a reliable company that provides plumbing services in Sydney to help you maintain the water and plumbing system in your property.  After all, any bathroom design will not work if you do not have a steady supply of water at home. 

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