Money Saving Tips for a Weekend Getaway to Lake Tahoe

You may think a relaxing vacation is out of your reach because you don’t make enough money. It’s true that you probably won’t be planning a month in Italy any time soon, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other wonderful vacation options that will fit your budget.

One great option is a weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe. Not only will a little time in the sun help you approach the next work week with energy, you can plan your trip without draining your bank account. That is, as long as you follow these money saving tips!

Choose Your Hotel Wisely

One of the biggest expenses of any trip is the hotel. That’s why it’s important, when finding a hotel near Lake Tahoe, CA, to choose a hotel that fits your budget.

Do some comparison shopping online to find a hotel that offers rooms within your budget. Then, instead of booking the room online, give the hotel a call. In many cases, hotels are willing to offer lower rates simply because you called in. Especially if you mention that there are rooms at other nearby hotels that are cheaper!

Save Money on Food

It can be a lot of fun to eat out, especially while you’re on vacation. The trouble is, eating out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can get expensive fast. Instead of eating out for every meal, look for ways to eat cheap.

A few ideas include:

  • Looking for a hotel that offers continental breakfast, and getting your fill before you leave in the morning.
  • Book a room with a mini fridge and microwave. That way you can make sandwiches for lunch or reheat leftovers for dinner.
  • Pack plenty of snacks in your luggage, and make sure you bring snacks with you if you’re planning to be out and about all day.
  • When you do eat out, choose restaurants the locals use. They are more likely to have better deals than tourist-heavy locations.

Choose Attractions Before You Arrive

It’s a good idea to book your flight and hotel in advance. It helps you lock in a predictable price, it ensures you know you can get to your destination, and you know you will have a place to stay when you arrive.

If you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to book attractions ahead of time too. You can find good deals by comparing ticket sales online, but it also ensures you stick to your budget. You can save up for the attractions you want to experience without worrying about overpaying and draining your bank account by choosing attractions once you get there.

It also helps you avoid disappointment. Realizing you can’t afford any area attractions when you get there can be depressing. Knowing ahead of time that you won’t be paying for any special experiences will make sitting on the beach more enjoyable.

Make a List When You Pack

Packing is an important aspect of every vacation. Unfortunately, many travelers don’t treat it with the importance it deserves. Instead, they throw things in their luggage at the last minute. That’s just asking for it.

It means you’re more likely to overpack some items, like clothing. That can end up costing you more money if you’re checking your bag on a plane, but having all that stuff can make your vacation more stressful.

Instead, make a list at least a few days before you leave. That way you can remember to write down everything you need, and leave everything you don’t need behind. It also ensures you won’t have to spend money on items, like toothpaste, that you forgot at home!

Avoid the ATM

ATM fees add up fast. You can save a bundle by never paying for ATM fees again. The easiest way to do that is to avoid the ATM altogether.

Pull out the cash you’ve budgeted to spend before you leave home so you can use your bank’s ATM. If you do need extra cash while you’re at Lake Tahoe, look for an ATM that belongs to your bank to avoid fees.

Your debit card is an option too! Just make sure you don’t overspend, and avoid using a credit card that comes with hefty interest rates for purchases.

Just because you aren’t rolling in the dough doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a weekend away! With the tips on this list, you can relax and unwind on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe without compromising your ability to pay bills.

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