Monster Jam: CRUSH IT! for PS4

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Monster Jam: CRUSH IT! for PS4

Not too long ago I had the chance in reviewing a new game from GameMill. On October 25, Monster Jam: CRUSH IT! was released for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Monster Jam: CRUSH IT! is an arcade racer that features a massive variety of game modes online and offline with 24 playable trucks like the Grave Digger, Monster Mutt, Blue Thunder, and the Zombie. Along with six different Monster Jam arenas to play in you can also compete in offline and online leaderboards.

Monster Jam: CRUSH IT! for PS4

Monster Jam: CRUSH IT! offers classic, competitive stadium racing and freestyle, and gives gamers the ability to perform gravity-defying stunts for huge rewards throughout over 96 different challenges across three  race modes;

  • Survivor
  • Stunt
  • Hill Climb

Use your favorite Monster Truck in the stadium and into all new environment challenges, with new tracks that will test your skills to master speed and balance over insane jumps and obstacles to master speed and balance over insane jumps and obstacles or have to face ultimate destruction. 

Monster Jam: CRUSH IT! for PS4

You can play by yourself, with a friend or go online and play against other online players to reach the top of the leaderboards and drive away ad the best Monster Jam truck driver there is.

With this game you won’t get bored, my son enjoys playing RPG’s (role playing games) and FPS’s (first person shooters) so it’s nice for him to take a break and play a game like this. I can hear him go wild in there when he does a flip in his truck or drives off a really high ramp and racks up in points. There is 28 maps to drive in, with different environments like forest, desert, polar and harbor. Choose to play a different mode on a different map;

Monster Jam: CRUSH IT! for PS4

Time Attack – Try to stack up as many points as you can doing gnarly stunts before the time is up!

Survival – Can you make it through the without ending in ultimate destruction?

Stunt – How many sick stunts can you do before reaching the finish line?

Monster Jam: CRUSH IT! for PS4

My son has played this game so much, he’s played with friends online and see who can get the highest score or who can finish the mission the fastest. The graphics are awesome, and it’s a side arcade view of the game. It captures the heavy metal thrill of hauling massive automotive power and speed. 

You can purchase this game at

Rated E for Everyone. Genre: Action/Racing/Sports. Publisher: GameMill Entertainment. Developer: TEAM-6.

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  1. My son loves everything about monster trucks he will go crazy when I tell him about this game

  2. I loved seeing monster jam in person now I can play the game!

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