Most Efficient Natural House Cleaning Methods

As the cold and rainy season approaches, cleaning may not come as easily. Given the situation, when you are having your general cleaning but you just ran out of your main cleaning product and that leads to going out to buy and re-stock. With that said, it usually takes a lot of your time. But you’d be happy to know that you can actually avoid the hassle of buying more cleaning products with these natural house cleaning methods. Here are some efficient ways to clean your home without breaking a nail.

Unclogging Blocked Pipes

Most Efficient Natural House Cleaning Methods

If you’re having some problems with your sink’s drainage and in need of unclogging solution, you can try the baking soda cleaning solution. This method can save you money instead of calling for a plumber and help you fix that clogged pipe. Start off with pouring a pot of boiling water down the clogged drain. Be generous with the amount of hot water. Follow that with ½ cup of baking soda. Wait for a few minutes until you pour another ½ cup of vinegar and wait for five to ten minutes or so. It would be best to cover the drain with a plug to keep the baking soda and vinegar solution within the drain surface. After the time is up, flush it again with steaming boiling water and that should do it.

Removing Carpet Stains

Most Efficient Natural House Cleaning Methods


You can’t really avoid getting stains on your carpet. But worry not; all you need to make sure that the stain is removed is by using vinegar. It is a popular method to carpet cleaning in Geelong as vinegar being your most basic ingredient. Pour a good amount of vinegar in the stained area and allow the carpet to absorb the liquid. Then add a small amount of baking soda. This method will deodorize and clean the stained area. It’s going to leave a residue of the solution but don’t worry because it’s actually a good thing. Make sure to keep the area dry for a few days before you vacuum it.

Polishing Silverwares and Stainless Steel Counters

Most Efficient Natural House Cleaning Methods

Cleaning silverwares can be as easy as brushing your teeth! Toothpaste is actually effective in removing tarnish as well as keeping your pots, copperwares and silverwares looking brand new. Also, it helps in restoring shine in stainless steels counters and sinks. Dabbing some toothpaste in the blemished area and scrubbing it will help remove the light scratches and effectively polishing the area.

Removing Rust

Most Efficient Natural House Cleaning Methods

It can be frustrating when some rust just won’t come off but when you have some lemons in hand it’s actually quick and easy. Slice some lemons or limes and use them to scrub off the rust on your faucets and tubs. Another neat trick with citric fruits is that you can make use of their citric juice and add enough salt that it turns into a thickened paste. Pour some on a rag and swipe away those rust. Lemon juice works for any kitchenware – from knives to pots and pans, as well in keeping it clean and killing the bacteria.

Bathroom Cleaning

Most Efficient Natural House Cleaning Methods


Cleaning the bathroom is also an everyday challenge but with baking soda at the ready it wouldn’t be a problem. Prepare a mixture of ¼ cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar. Pour into the toilet bowl and let the cleaning mixture sit for a couple of minutes. Then scrub with the toilet brush and make sure to rinse properly. Baking soda is effective for cleaning the toilets since it removes any bad smell and lingering odor. You can also use baking soda in removing the gunk off the bathroom tiles and the grimes on the edges of the shower stall doors.

These are some of the natural home cleaning solutions that every homeowner should know which will also save them time and money. So make sure to stock up on the natural cleaning agents mentioned above. It will clearly help you in cleaning your home efficiently.

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