Moulage Wound Tutorials: Ripped Face & Open Forehead Wound With Staples

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I’ve always loved horror movies since I was younger. The more gory the better, I don’t consider a movie scary unless I’m afraid to go to bed with the lights off! About a year ago I came across YouTube videos of people doing all this cool Moulage Wound Tutorials for Halloween. Most was just face paint that looked super 3D, realistic and just creepy and scary. But then I stumbled across the really great make up, the bloody zombie bites, and clawed faces! It was like bringing the crazy gory injuries from my favorite horror genre movies to life! I just fell in love and watched all different kinds of videos everyday, getting inspired, I didn’t have the tools and products the people in the videos used to make a complete look. So, after researching things I could use in place of other things, I created my first horrific look on my younger brother. It was not the best, it was my first time. But my friends and family loved it! However, I was missing some key products to enhance the look and make it more realistic. But that was just the start of my fun, bloody journey.

I did more video watching and research to find out all the make up products I needed, and what certain things were used for and how to use them, how to apply certain types of make up, and all of that. After I felt like an expert, yet still was a noob I had the opportunity to review the Basic Moulage Training Kit for Emergency Reenactment Professionals by Ben Nye from Stage Makeup online. The Basic Moulage Training Kit is the perfect starter kit for those small emergency reenactments. This kit is designed to help with trauma simulation exercises and have the basic tools to make your emergency simulation come to reality.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

All the below looks can be created by buying only the products you need from or by purchasing the entire Basic Moulage Training Kit for Emergency Reenactment Professionals by Ben Nye Kit.

This tremendous kit includes:

3 creme make ups:

  • 02/EW4 Master Bruise Wheel 6 colors 1 oz.
  • 02/CK5 Creme F/X Burns & Blister Wheel .
  • 5 oz. And 02/EF31 Cyanotic Blue Foundation .5 oz.

It as well had 3 simulated blood products:

  • 02/SB4 Stage Blood 2 oz.
  • 02/GB1 Gelatin Blood Capsules (10 Pack).
  • And 02/TB1 Thick Blood.

This kit included 7 Moulage Essentials:

  • 02/NW2 Nose Wax – Fair 2 oz.
  • 02/BS2 Simulated Bone Wax 2 oz.
  • 02/LL1 Liquid Latex 1 oz.
  • 02/MP5 Charcoal Character Powder .75 oz.
  • 02/MP4 Plains Dust Powder .75 oz.
  • 02/MP2 Neutral Set Powder .9 oz. And
  • 02/ME80 2″ Laceration Prosthetic.

It even included 3 Adhesives & Removers:

  • 02/SG1 Spirit Gum Adhesive .25 oz.
  • 02/GR2 Spirit Gum Remover 1 oz. And
  • 02/QR3 Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover 2 oz.

And Lastly it had 8 Professional Tools:

  • 02/EMG Trauma Simulation Guide,
  • 02/FB5 No. 5 Flat Brushes,
  • 02/ LF1 Synthetic Sponge – Single Lot,
  • 02/NS1 Nylon Stipple Sponge – Single Lot,
  • 02/VP1 Velour Powder Puff – Single Lot,
  • 02/MT1 Modeling Tool, Wood,
  • 02/ME5 Cotton Swabs Applicator 100/Bag
  • 02/PE50 Moulage Kit Case.

I was so excited to start using all the products in this great starter kit! I’m was still a beginner so this kit is perfect for me. Since Halloween is so close and it is one of my most favorite holidays, I had to do some easy and fun make up looks right away, and even decided to do tutorials with them to help some people out this Halloween who want an easy, yet a great realistic look this creepy holiday!

The Ripped Face Look

Moulage Wound Tutorials

For my first tutorial and look I started out with something pretty simple that could go either way depending on how the person imagined it going on their face per say. This I call the Ripped Face Look. described as this bloody look is as if someone or something in that matter took a hold of your face and ripped some skin off and in this case the skin is still hanging there.

To start this gory look you’ll need to first wash your face and make clear of oils so the product can stick to your face better.

The products you will need:
-toilet paper
-Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel 6 Colors
-Ben Nye Stage Blood
-Ben Nye Thick Blood
-Ben Nye Liquid Latex
-Foam Sponge or a make up pad
-Nylon Stipple Sponge
-Foundation/Concealer to match your skin tone ( I used Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation Palette)
-Ben Nye No. 5 Flat Brushes
-Black eye shadow ( I used the Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette)

Moulage Wound Tutorials

First, you want to take the toilet paper and tear it from the dotted lines, so you have a pile of toilet paper squares, then take each square and tear the each ply apart. Making it thinner and able to soak up the liquid latex easier and kind of morph with it.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

Then what I did and what I recommend is to sketch out on your face with any color of eye liner or marker or eyeshadow and lightly sketch out where you want this face rip to be. I sketched a rather large one on the side of my face on my cheek down my neck.

Then rip those toilet paper pieces into stripes so they will be easier to apply. Next have like a small plate or plastic slab to pour some Ben Nye Liquid Latex on. Next use a foam sponge to dab into the liquid latex then spread it onto and in the area you sketched out onto your face, then use the strips of toilet paper to layer onto the liquid latex and smooth it down. Keep doing this until the area is filled. Then let it dry, then repeat this step for about 4 layers. So when it is time to rip the “fake skin” it’ll be thick enough to be like real skin. After this is fully completed and the latex is dried it’ll look and sort of feel like a cast on your face.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

Next, this is where the tweezers will come in handy, you’ll need to dig the tweezers in and rip the latex, rip it about 1/4- 1/2 inch from the border then tear it to the desired, let’s say to the desired face rip length. I wanted a big bloody ripped with a big amount of gross skin hanging off. I must warn you the liquid latex does stick well and as you rip and pull you’ll feel it. But it’s worth it!

Moulage Wound Tutorials

After you’ve accomplished this just flap the fake skin around a bit, have some fun hahaha. Now, it is time to apply some foundation, so this fake ripped skin actually looks believable. If you already use foundation for your natural skin tone you can easily use that to cover the latex to match your skin tone. However I highly recommend Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation Palette for the best results. Cover your actual skin around the border of the latex so it’ll match more.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

Then take the Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel and No. 5, Flat Brush and use the lighter red color to fill in the ripped area of the latex. And cover the inside flap(s) of the ripped fake skin. Then use the dark red creme color to color in the edges of the skin to give it some depth and make the wound look deeper, and use your finger to blend out but not too much. Add some to the inside skin flaps as well, then go back in to the edges inside the wound with black eye shadow from the Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette and blend out to give it more depth.

 Moulage Wound Tutorials

Next is the fun part, to make it look more chunky and gory, use the q-tips, and tear off the cotton tops and use the Ben Nye Stage Blood and mix them together so the cotton soaks it up so it looks like chunky blood clots. They won’t stick right away so use some of the stage blood and drip it into the wound and stick the cotton in. Let the stage blood drip all the way down into the creases and even let it drip off the latex and onto your neck and shoulder. It’ll give it more of a natural bloody look. Then use the Ben Nye Thick Blood, and scoop some out and and rub it and apply it to the wound giving it more of a gross, dark bloody look. Like the blood was drying up and became coagulated and thickened up.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

Use the foam pad and dip it in the stage blood and stipple it around the border of the latex and on the neck some, like the blood splattered when the face was ripped and even on the corner of your mouth and lips like the face rip irritated and bothered the inside of your mouth making blood come out. Stipple some where ever you see fit.

To make the look more deathly, use  shadow hat best fits your tone from the Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette, and lightly apply some to your cheek bones giving your face a more dead, aging look. Also use to lightly outline your jawline and on your temples.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

As well as on your neck and collar bones to look more boney. And in the hollows of your eyes and under your eyes to make them look sunken in. At this point your look should be near to completion, just add some more blood, the bloodier the better!  Also keep blending and adding more foundation if need around the edges to make it blend in with your skin tone.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

And bam! A completed ripped face. You are sure to freak your friends out, with this bloody look!

The Stapled Gash In Forehead Look

Moulage Wound Tutorials

For the next look, and may I say my most favorite look I have ever done, will be a nice bloody, gory gash in your forehead with staples to try and hold some of the gash closed. I personally think this make up look came put great and super, super believable!

If you’re doing both looks, you can either take off the other one and wash your face or add this head gash to it to make it look more horrific!

What you will need is:
-Ben Nye No. 5 Flat Brushes
-eye shadow brush(s)
-loose blush brush
-butter knife
-Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax NW-2 FAIR
-Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel 6 Colors
-Ben Nye Plains Dust Character Powder (originally used for giving a dirt or muddy look when added with water or Glycerin, in this case I used it to darken the wax and my forehead to give it more of a dirty, rotten look)
-Ben Nye Spirit Gum Matte Adhesive
Ben Nye Spirit Gum Remover
-Ben Nye Thick Blood
-Ben Nye Stage Blood
-any kind of lotion or moisturizer
-stipple sponge

Moulage Wound Tutorials

First you will make sure your forehead is pretty clean and clear of oils, so the products can stick well and stay there on your face! You can also sketch out where and how big you want this gash to be with a marker or eye liner are whatever works.

Now, take your nose and scar wax and your butter knife and lotion. You want to first scrap and scoop out a good amount of Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax, about the size of 3-4 marbles combined. Don’t touch or play with it with your bare fingers or it’ll be a pain to get off your hands. Here is where the lotion comes in handy, you want to rub some lotion onto your hands and fingers like you normally would but not too much, if you put too much on and then touch the scar wax and work with it it won’t stick well to your forehead. So, lather a reasonable amount into your hands then take the scar wax from the butter knife and work it a bit letting it get a little soft, then you want to roll it into a small sausage about the same size as the sketch you made on your forehead. Before applying it straight to your forehead, which you can but it’ll also be a pain getting off. First use some Ben Nye Spirit Gum Matte Adhesive and apply that inside and outside the area you sketched, now apply the scar wax and push it down a bit, don’t smush, you want it to keep that round look.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

Then it’ll look like you have a weird flesh colored worm just chilling on your forehead. You can add more lotion to your fingers and lightly smooth the edges. Or you can add lotion to the butter knife and smooth it around the metal so when you use it the wax won’t stick to the knife. Take the butter knife and smooth out all the edges, so there is a smooth transition from wax to skin. I smoothed it out down my nose making it look more real. Now keep lathering the knife with lotion, but not too much, then cut the excess wax off.

Now it is time to make the gash, you want to start from the top and glide your way down, all the way so it flows better. Then in the middle cut deeper and pull out, making flaps of skin. Cut deeper in the rest of the areas, but don’t pull outwards, closer to the forehead and nose is where the staples will go so it’ll look like it’s trying to hold the skin back together.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

Next you want to use the stipple sponge to add texture and blend it more into your skin. Then take either a powder foundation, a littler darker then your natural skin tone, in this case I used the Ben Nye Plains Dust Character Powder, if your skin tone isn’t of mine, do not use this product. Use your own daily powder foundation to color the wax with the eye shadow brush. Also use the loose blush brush to color your forehead around the border of the wax to make it look more real, and dark and dirty. Also you can add some to the hollow(s) of your eye(s). After you’ve done this you can now color in the wound. Blend more foundation around the area you did at the beginning to make it look more realistic if needed. Use the Master Bruise Wheel, and use the red color and color in the wound  in the top and bottom slits and the inside of the wax flaps. You can dab your finger tips lightly into this color and stipple around you forehead and onto your cheek making your face look bothered and irritated from the gash.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

Go back into the wound with the darker red from the Master Bruise Wheel and color in the wound and edges to give it more dimension. Now use the q-tip cotton tops like before and mix them with the stage blood to make fake blood clots and add them to the inside of the gash. Use some thick blood too, now here is the fun part, use the stage blood and let the blood drip from the top of your forehead where the cut begins and let it flow all the way down to the end. It is okay if it drips out at the bottom and onto your nose and or lips. It’ll look more believable, so let the blood do it’s thing! Add more and more into the wound, stipple some around to make it look like the blood splattered, have a little fun.

Moulage Wound Tutorials

Use the tweezers to pick up the staples and bend them if they are too wide. Then stick them in wherever and how ever you please. They’ll get bloody which is good! Then add a little more blood, and your gashed forehead look is complete!

Moulage Wound Tutorials Moulage Wound Tutorials Moulage Wound Tutorials

I loved using all these products. They all worked great and were easy to use! Just how I imagined. The cremes were very pigmented and stretched a long ways, the powders and bloods were awesome! I can’t wait to do another make up look with all this stuff again! And the heavy duty caring case makes me feel professional with all my supplies! I highly recommend you head over to Stage Makeup Online and get yourself some awesome FX makeup products for this Halloween!

If you would like to see more Moulage Wound Tutorials leave me a comment below what you would like to see.

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  1. Mack Barret says:

    I can’t believe what you can do with this make up. Brilliant work.

  2. Oh wow!!! What a fantastic job you did. It all looks so real and perfect time of year for this. I need to check this stuff out cause my teenager would love it. Thanks!

  3. Patti Purelli says:

    WOW is all I can say! You make it look so real and so easy! I may have to invest in some of these kits this Halloween and try to duplicate what you did here. I absolutely love it!!

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