Music Bleeper App Is The Perfect Solution For Young Ears

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Are you worried about your kids listening to some of the most popular music nowadays? I know I am. Most days I’m afraid to turn on the radio because I don’t know what song will be playing and what words it has in it. And the music now is so different, right when you think a song is okay and normal it is full of bad words and innuendos for other things.  Younger kids are like tape recorders, they’ll repeat what they hear. My younger son is getting older and he is slowly getting into music and I don’t want him listening to all that bad stuff, to be honest right now he likes listening to the theme songs of his favorite T.V shows. Like Adventure Time, Sonic, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 
Music is such a popular and powerful form of art and expressing one’s feelings. But most music is just trash, but on the other hand some music is just beautiful and wonderful. The media gives music that isn’t good so much popularity that it is hard for younger one’s not to see it or hear it. It’s all over the T.V and radio. I just want my child to be able to listen to some good music just not with all the cursing. 
Music Bleeper App
Now you can control what your child listens to with the new free, Music Bleeper app. Music Bleeper is a censorship app that allows you to personally control the words you feel are inappropriate in your music.  You can now relax and play music without having to worry or be embarrassed about the profanity or bad language in the music, because there won’t be any. With this app you can skip over or silence 91 potentially offensive and raunchy words listed in a PG-13, R, and Religious-rated categories. You can choose the words you want to skip or silence based on your children’s ages, or even your own religious affiliations, personal morals or family values. This apps works when listening to music on an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. 
Music Bleeper is password protected so you can set the words you want eliminated, and no one can change them.The app can also be turned on and off, so you can listen to the regular version if you would like. 
Music Bleeper App
This app is so great and one of a kind. No other app today can customize an individual’s personal music taste. I thought this was the coolest app and couldn’t wait to test it out. The app was easy to follow, control and use. First you can make an account or register with your Facebook. Once you do that you can see the list of songs you have in your music library. Songs that are shown in bold black have already been scanned and scrubbed for offensive words by the Bleeper team members. But if a song title is shown in gray, it means the song has not yet been scanned and scrubbed yet, but will be available soon. The words and phrases listed are removed from all the songs on the device, and you can select to either skip the word or silence it. Since the ability to manage the app is password protected, parents can identify the words they want to eliminate without their children having access to change them. 
Music Bleeper App
I don’t have any saved songs to my iPad so, we tested the app on my daughter iPhone 5. Most songs were gray, but there were a couple that were bold black, so we looked over the lists of words they had under the categories and tried the different settings to silence or skip the words. Then we played the song and listened to see what it did. 
And it was awesome! All the curse words that we knew was coming up next in the song was silenced out! It was awesome, the perfect solution! We tried the skip option, and we played the song again and the words were just skipped instead. I love this app so much! I can not wait to try other songs!
The makers of the Music Bleeper App are so sure of this new app that they are giving away a $50 iTunes Gift Card just to get you to try out the app for yourself. You can easily enter below for a chance to win the $50 iTunes gift card.
Download the Music Bleeper App for free on iTunes.
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  1. i think the app is a great idea!

  2. There are a lot of inappropriate song lyrics so I think this app could come in handy for various situations, not just with children present.

  3. Susan Smith says

    I think it’s a great idea!

  4. Carolyn Daley says

    I think it is a great way for parents to censor swear words from their kids. They can still enjoy the music, but the particular words that parents deem inappropriate could be censored to their liking.

  5. very good idea for app

  6. Kids want to listen to what’s cool and it’s hard to limit what they will be exposed to. Censoring music they are interested in allows them to still enjoy what’s cool without the negativity.

  7. ellen casper says

    I think it’s a great idea – my kids don’t need to hear some of the words in popular songs.

  8. Jessica Whitehouse says

    Not a good fit for us. We don’t listen to music a lot, nor do we have smartphones or other devices that this app would work on. I am more strict with my kids’ music ad tend to censor what they are allowed, ad music that needs bleeped isn’t allowed anyway.

  9. Richard Hicks says

    I like it a lot. Finally a way to control what they hear

  10. Donna Teller says

    This is great. My niece loves listening to my music but it definitely isn’t all appropriate. This would definitely come in handy.

  11. I think its a great thing for the kids.

  12. Amy Deeter says

    the app looks really awesome!

  13. Peggy Rydzewski says

    I think it is pretty groovy nut not something I would use.

  14. Stephanie Larison says

    Love, love, love the music bleeper! I hate all these songs coming out nowadays with tons of curse words in it. My kids don’t need to be listening to that stuff, this would definitely come in handy!

  15. staci wells mefford says

    looks very detailed yet easy to use thank you for your generosity

  16. Tammy Farrar says

    i love it and being in control

  17. Kim Hilbert says

    I don’t find it particularly useful since you can buy music without the explicit lyrics. Meaning, the artist takes it out and you can get the clean version. Since I listen to CDs more than the radio, I don’t have a need for this.

  18. natalie yeoman says

    This app is a very good idea i love the thought of it

  19. I think that it is a wonderful idea!

  20. Jessica Rose says

    I think this is great, especially for people who let their kids listen to their music, and have no other way to filter it.

  21. Jan Hammersmith says

    That app is pretty darn cool.

  22. debi affrunti says

    love it

  23. Now that I have a grandchild due in January, would be a good time to use this app. (Can’t start too early).

  24. It’s pretty neat.

  25. I think it’s pretty neat. Language can get pretty nasty nowadays!

  26. I think it’s cool how advanced technology is.

  27. Jill Myrick says

    I think that Music Bleeper is a great idea. It would definitely take teh worry out of my children being able to hear words of a song that I find inappropriate.


  28. I really like it! I want my kids to listen to the music they want, but taking out certain words would make me feel more comfortable!

  29. It could be very useful tool for those parents who are mindful of what their children listen to.

  30. Bridget Hopper says

    This is an awesome app for parents

  31. melissaandkeith miller says

    its a neat idea 🙂

  32. Seems interesting and useful

  33. I think it’s a great idea!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  34. I like the app. Its a good idea.

  35. David Smith says

    This might be good for little kids, but I think they would not be listening to any music other than little kids type of music.

  36. Bethany Thomas says

    What a great idea, kids or no kids!

  37. looks really awesome!

  38. Heather DeLuna says

    I think this app is an excellent idea. It is nice to be able to control what your children listen to when you can.

  39. I think it is good for younger kids.

  40. Emily Smith says

    My three boys love to listen to music and I like that this will bleep out the words we don’t want to hear.

  41. Kimmy Ripley says

    I think it would be a great thing to have with my 4 year-old daughter.

  42. beth shepherd says

    I love it. I def dont want my kids to hear it so this would be great.

  43. I think it’s a great idea for the little ears in my house!

  44. Oh I think this app is so wonderrful!!! Not only do I not want the kids to hear it, but I dont want to hear it either! I would use this not only for the kids, but for me too!

  45. Jessica To says

    I would really like to use this for my son. I think it’s a great thing for a parent to use.

  46. This is a great app for kids – a great idea

  47. I think it’s great that you can choose what is inappropriate since each family has a different version of what that is.

  48. MarilynBlau says

    This is a great app and i will make sure it is installed on all of the phones in my house

  49. Very cool – if I had a smart phone I would download it.

  50. Samantha Daleo says

    I think its a great idea to keep kids from learning things a little too soon..

  51. Karen Deva says

    I guess this is a good idea, but even better is probably just steering your kids away from music that you do not find appropriate. Honestly most kids dont’ even realize the bad words that are in songs. I know that I sang things so innocently and had no idea of the real meanings of songs until I was much older.

  52. Erin Hussman says

    This would be great for me, I have a young son.

  53. jenn giannetto says

    i think the app is a great idea!

  54. Michele Cupp says

    I think it’s fantastic. There are so many songs out there that this would just make easier to listen to.

  55. I already have this app on my phone and I love it for my kids, since they are always on my phone playing my music, great app.

  56. I think I know of some people with young ones and adult music tastes who would love this app!

  57. I think it is a great app as I really am not into all of the swear words that it injected into music these days.

  58. steve weber says

    I think it’s fantastic.. lots of terrible music these days with bad language.

  59. Will check it on MobileFOMO

  60. I don’t have kids, but if I did, I would definitely use this app.

  61. soha molina says

    I think the app is a good idea.

  62. Christie Mullen says

    I think it’s a good idea for parents of small children.

  63. Danielle Porter says

    i think it’s great for stuff like Pandora on my phone where random songs just come up sometimes when little ears are around!

  64. Janice Cooper says

    I like this app and think its a great idea!

  65. I think this is a great app for when kids want to listen to music.

  66. Thomas Murphy says

    I think the app is a great idea!

  67. Amanda Sakovitz says

    i think its great for people who don’t want to hear certain words

  68. Stephanie Shipley says

    I just downloaded this app last night after seeing another blog post about it and I love the app! Some of the songs I enjoy playing have a “naughty” word or two and by using this app I don’t have to worry about my son accidentally hearing one of them. I love that the filters even can include words like “stupid” which isn’t as bad as others, but is still a word I don’t allow my son to use.

  69. Tracy Jones says

    I love this. My son loves listening to music on my phone and I really don’t want him to pick up any interesting words.

  70. John Hutchens says

    I think it is a great app

  71. I think it’s great for those with little ears that my be listening. Thank you!

  72. I think this is a great idea. As a mom to a toddler I am very concerned about what she is exposed to. I think this app would make life more enjoyable for everyone in my family.

  73. Colleen Boudreau says

    I think it’s great!

  74. great idea, i hate some of today’s lyrics

  75. Great idea

  76. Gary Meranda says

    Good idea, especially for us old folks lol

  77. Jennie Yuen says

    Pretty cool app.

  78. Lisa Breece says

    I think it’s pretty neat and would be ideal for anyone who loves music.

  79. jeremy mclaughlin says

    Love it, great idea.

  80. Kristen Cantwell says

    Sounds like a great app for people with kids!

  81. This app is pretty awesome!!!! Good idea!

  82. I think this app is a great idea because I do not want my kids to be exposed to profane language.

  83. I think it’s a good idea.

  84. Caroline Wampler says

    I think its great! I don’t have any kids- but I am 26 and I hate hearing all the foul language even though I like the beat of the song

  85. I think it’s a great safe way for my kids to enjoy music and have me not worry about what they hear.

  86. I like it. It leaves censoring up to the parents which is the way it should be.

  87. I think it’s a great app for people with children – seems all kids have some kind of music play these days.

  88. Sue Barney says

    With the music these days this App is definitely needed! Love it!

  89. The app is awesome. Now if we could only get artists to class up their acts!

  90. robyn paris says

    i think it is a brilliant idea. It’s always upsetting when there is so much cursing in songs.

  91. I’m thinking I would use it for my own listening.

  92. danielle Marie says

    i think it is great and wish they had it when i was a kid. i hate swearing and dont like hearing it.

  93. I think it is really cool!

  94. I like that you don’t have to worry about the music around kids. It makes it more relaxing

  95. I think its a great idea because my kids are picking up too much bad language lately.

  96. The Music Bleeper App seems very useful and creative….I like it! 🙂 Thank you.

  97. Ann Fantom says

    I like that musicBleeper would let me censor the music that my daughter listens to

  98. DARLA KIDDER says

    I would use this while I’m listening to music on my iPad at church.

  99. Kathy Hanley says

    I think the app is great especially if you have younger children who have no idea what some words actually means!

  100. Adrienne gordon says

    what a great idea for kids to be able to hear some of the more questionable catchy pop tunes today

  101. Margaret Smith says

    I think it’s a wonderful idea. Having kids, I really appreciate being able to keep bad words from them.

  102. I’m not completely sold on the idea of censoring media, but I do think that an app like this could be useful when an artist uses a term or phrase that can be considered a slur or perpetuating a stereotype. I’d be more inclined to steer the kids away from that artist altogether, but being able to bleep out particular words is a back-up solution I’d consider.

  103. Shannon Baas says

    I think it’s a good idea.

  104. Darlene Sullins says

    I think the new Music Bleeper App is pretty nice! There are a lot of songs I like to listen to that I didn’t even realize had bad words in it until I heard my kiddos trying to sing them!

  105. I hate hearing swearing in music even when my kids aren’t around. Just yesterday I was wishing there was a way to get my ipad to play the radio versions of songs. This sounds great.

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