My Nutrisystem Journey to a Healthier Me #NSNation DOWN 2pds!

Ok so I completed week 5. Woohoo lost 2 ponds this week. And the measuring tape now fits around my waist!! WOOT!!! First goal complete.

I have not changed anything this week, just been sticking by the Nutrisystem Program and keeping my confidence that it will happen not everyone loses weight at the same pass. TIP: Don’t throw in the towel! Keep working at it and you will succeed. Keep following my journey and I’LL PROVE IT TO YOU! That I can do it and so can you! I love Nutrisystem!

Have you conquered your weight loss journey? If so what worked for you to stay positive? How much weight did you lose? Lets here your stories.

I also took measurements so I can celebrate my off the scale victory’s.

Head – 23.4 in

Neck – 16.9 in

Arms -17.6

Waist – THE MEASURING TAPE FINLAY FITS AROUND LOL. I am at 60 in. that as big as the tape goes.

Thigh – 31.5

Calf – 18.15

Next week I will post some more before and after pics for you. 🙂

Wish me luck on my next weigh in on Thursday 6/21/12

Weight 288lbs week 5. See you next week! :) ~Angie

P.S. Thank you in advanced for those who will be following my journey. And don’t forget to leave your comments, questions or maybe you just want to leave your support and encouragement. All is welcome and VERY much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you all :)

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