My Nutrisystem Journey to a Healthier Me #NSNation Week 2 Down 3 pounds!

Completed my second week and I lost 3 pounds! WOOT!

It’s been a great week and I am still loving the Nutrisystem Program! I have not felt hungry or deprived at all. I still have a hard time eating all the food required because its a lot. TIP: You have to make sure to eat enough food or you will have no energy and in return may not lose weight.

One of the things I ate this week that I love most on the Nutrisystem Program are the Cheesy Mashed Potatoes and the yummy Chicken Salad. I love to add diced peppers, onions,tomatoes and lettuce stuffed in a pita! Another great thing about the Nutrisystem Program is that they were able to offer me a menu specially designed for me. I needed a low sodium menu and foods without any tiny seeds. And thats just what I got!

What Songs Do Your Workout To?

I did manage to get a little bit of exercise in this week. I am pushing for even more next week. Still looking for something to motivate me more. I would love it if you all could give me some tips on good songs to workout to. Just comment below with your workout song list. Maybe your list will be the one that inspires me to workout more. I will be sure to mention you in my next post if your pick of songs inspires me.

I was going to start taking measurements this week, but sadly the measuring tape will not fit around me. 🙁 I have about an inch to go. So my next goal it to lose enough to measure my waste. I can and I will!

Week 2 – 5/24/12 – 287lbs.

Week 1 – 5/18/12 – 290lbs.

Start – 5/11/12 – 290lbs.

Wish me luck on my next weigh in on Thursday 5/31/2012

Weight 287lbs week 2. See you next week! :) ~Angie

P.S. Thank you in advanced for those who will be following my journey. And don’t forget to leave your comments, questions or maybe you just want to leave your support and encouragement. All is welcome and VERY much appreciated. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend see you next week!

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  1. I have contemplated Nutri system as I have seen the results in two other people, but ITS SOOOO expensive…. Ill be following your journey!
    Congrats on your recent weight loss. WOO HOO!

  2. I will be following your progress. I have been dieting since January 1st and I am down 28 pounds. It is hard but being thinner is such a great reward. I feel so much better, best of luck to you!!!

    • Angela Harris says

      I am so excited to have a new follower and supporter. Congrats on your weight lose. I really look forward to hearing how it’s going for you. Please do keep in touch. As we can all use the support 🙂

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