New Timeline how-to-guide

New Facebook Timeline how-to-guide


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As you may all know by now or soon will, that Facebook has officially announced Timeline’s expansion to brand- and business-focused pages. All brand- and business- focused pages have the ability to switch now or have until March 30 when Facebook automatically switches them. I know it stinks more Facebook changes, but the new timelines allows for us page owners to better customize our pages with new unique features that are designed to help us better manage our fan/customer engagement. It’s just going to take sometime to get use to again, but I will help with that.


Here’s what you need to know as a fan:

When you first arrive on our fan wall you will see our new cover photo at the top. Tabs just below on the right and wall posts on the left and the right. Posts are no longer just down the middle. See photo below for a diagram and detailed description.

Highlights below:

  • You can now message page owners. (If the page owner has chosen to use this option) We have for your convenience.
  • New tabs right below the cover photo. I have also put a “Timeline How to Guide” in the tabs so you can come back and refer to it any time. Just click the little arrow to drop down all the tabs and choose what you want to see. I have included lots of new features in the tabs area so it’s worth checking out!
  • When you click on a tab like lets say “Print Coupons” and want to get back to the main page  you were on before that. Just click on the name of our fan page right next to the tab name at the top of the screen as seen here

  • Want to see just posts by our page? Then simply click on the “Highlights” button and a drop down menu will show. Then click on “Posts by Page” to display only posts by my page.


  • Diagram and detailed description




  • We also have a NEW feature where we as page owners can Pin a post that we choose and it will show on the top right corner of the timeline where posts are and is designated by an orange flag on its top-right corner as seen below ↓. This is a great new feature for our fans because now if  we have to broadcast important information like news, events, updates or giveaways to share with you we can pin it and it will stay there for 7 days. So if you forget about a current event or giveaway coming up we have you covered because every time you land on our page you will see our pin on the left with important information we have to share with you. Of course that is if we have something pinned.



  • After scrolling the wall 5 to 6 posts down you will now have to click on “See More Recent Stories” to see whats posted after that.


Also to better help you use our new Timeline Facebook fan page please remember to leave any questions you have about how to use the new Timeline and tips you found useful. I ask that everyone please only ask questions and leave tips about the new Timeline any nothing else on this blog post. This way there will be questions and answers available for all to see and in the end will help us all to learn the new Timeline and have a better experience.


  • One more thing which is my favorite feature! Below is a photo of how the new tabs look when you click on the little arrow on the right as stated above and they drop down. Once you do that you can choose what you want to look at.

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