Ninja Blenders: Special Features to Review

You don’t have to wait until you go to the bar or that cocktail party to enjoy some frozen margarita or milkshake. It is possible to blend a frothy drink, especially when you choose a heavy-duty Ninja blender built for longevity and consistent results.

Choosing a Ninja blender can be very challenging as there are numerous models are provided by the well-known kitchen appliance manufacturer. In fact, there are a dozen top-rated models to choose from, which makes it even more challenging to decide on which one to settle on.

So, how do you make sure that you pick the right Ninja blender that will make you smoothies and shakes for ages to come? Well, check out on the following tips:

·         Motor power

The motor power is basically the most important thing in a blender. While most people choose motor power based on power consumption, it is also important to approach it from performance and user-experience perspective. For instance, a motor power with a higher outage of above 700 Watts can be expensive to maintain but will, for sure, give you exceptional blending experience with more features. On the other hand, a wattage of fewer than 300 Watts is budget-friendly in terms of initial and maintenance costs but will give you average experience.

·         Construction material

Construction material will determine whether your blender is built for longevity or durability. For instance, a jar that is constructed on stainless steel will last for long because it can withstand the blades and also corrosiveness. If the jar is built with glass, you should insist on tempered glass. Material-wise, it will also help if you shop for a modern and stylish blender that brings life to your kitchen.

·         Slip and seal

A seal is crucial if you don’t want to create a mess in your kitchen while working. The tightness of the seal will depend on the lid. Therefore, you should get a blender that comes with a sturdy lid, preferably of stainless steel construction or tempered glass. That way, you’ll be safe even when working at high speed. Another important thing is an anti-slip base such as a rubber tip that will prevent the blender from toppling off when working.

·         Cleaning

Lastly, you might also want to consider a blender that is easy to clean. Blenders can be a hub for bacteria and microorganisms, especially when not cleaned on time. Some blenders will come with self-cleaning blades depending on what brand you settle for. The most basic cleaning mechanism involves filling the pitcher to the bream with steaming water and allow the same to soak for about an hour or two. After that, you can rinse with plenty of cleaning water. Remember, hygiene is important as you can’t enjoy a contaminated cold drink.

Ninja blenders are arguably way better than typical average blenders. They have a larger carrying capacity, and often most models even have more than one pitcher to make you multiple drinks. So, if your main purpose is to get a blender that will serve you right for frozen drinks, the above tips should suffice.

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