Noise to fall asleep?

Sleep is very essential to people since without sleep, we’d all be looking like mindless zombies the next morning. While there are some people who fall asleep easily, there are also some people who find it hard to fall asleep. Sometimes this is due to broken sleeping patterns or caused by stress, anxiety or a lot of other different factors such as the environment you are sleeping in, are there a lot of stimulating things in the room? Or is the color of the room too bright?

Noise to fall asleep?

But sometimes it comes down to two types of sleepers, the one who can sleep soundly without noise and the one who can’t seem to fall asleep in the dead silence of the night. People who are able to sleep in deafening silence are usually capable of doing so since their brain associates silence with relaxation and peace and they couldn’t care less about what’s happening outside during night time as long as they get their beauty rest… in silence. People who can’t sleep in silence on the other hand are quite the opposite.

The TV, a distraction or a sleeping aid?

For people who prefer to sleep in silence, the television will definitely serve as a distraction since it stimulates their brain making them awake, as with all other stimuli like music or sound machines. For the people who can’t sleep in silence, the television may serve as a way to make them fall asleep while listening to the program on the telly; it serves as some sort of a background noise wherein their minds are able to drift into deep slumber as they associate it with rest.

Sometimes these people who can’t sleep at night in silence opt for sound machines to provide them with just the right amount of background white noise for them to wander off into dreamland.

Don’t you just love the sound of rain?

It’s easier to fall asleep to the sound of rain, right? Not to mention you feel extra cozy when sleeping under your blankets on a cold rainy night. While the silent sleepers might have a bit of a hard time falling asleep during rainy nights, the individuals who can’t sleep in silence find the sound of raindrops very comforting and relaxing which is why they can easily fall asleep to the sound of rain.

What if it’s not raining?

You can’t seem to fall asleep and you with that there was rain so you can fall asleep easily. Rain dances aren’t really that effective in coercing Mother Nature to drop some good ol’ rains on your rooftop. Thankfully though, there are sound machines to literally make you sleep… soundly. If you prefer to sleep to the tune of raindrops or thunderstorms, you can do so with the sound machines. There are a lot of sound machines available in the market for you to choose from and all of them come with different pre installed sounds for all the people out there who can’t sleep in silence.

White noise is good noise

While there are noises that may keep you awake at night, there are also noises that make you fall asleep, they are white noises, the good kind of noise. While annoying to some, it can be relaxing for others. Think of white noise as the anti-noise to noise. Yep, seems a bit counter intuitive doesn’t it? Using noise to drown out other noises. But it is really effective though, and people who rely on white noise to fall asleep can’t seem to fall asleep without it, hence the sound machines.

White noise machines work in a subtle way by blocking all other stimuli (noises) making your brain focus on that specific noise which isn’t really that stimulating until you fall asleep. Sound machines are used to generate just the right amount of white noise, and are really effective in making it easy for people who can’t sleep without white noise, although the people who sleep silently might beg to differ. But to each his/her own, right? The only important thing here is that everybody gets a good night’s sleep at the end of the day, noise or no noise.


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