Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 2 and 3 #NSNastion #Spon

Well here I am week 3 on the Nutrisystem Success Program. Part of week 2 and week 3 I was on vacation. We went to Universal Studios, Adventure Island and Downtown Disney in Orlando FL. We did the Meal Deal for Universal Parks and I thought it would not be to tough but sadly they didn’t have a choice of vegetables or fruit to substitute for fries. The menu consisted of fried chicken fingers, hamburgers, pasta, pizza, fried fish and a few other things. One restaurant in the two parks on the Meal Deal had rotisserie chicken and broccoli. So the chicken that one day at dinner was the best thing I ate in those 5 days we were there. The broccoli was heavily salted. I started to feel down about the whole thing but then I realized there was nothing I could do and just had fun. In the end I gained 8 pounds and I was a little sad but my family cheered me up right away saying it was water weight from all the salt and some would be muscle weight from walking 13 hours a day for those 5 days. And also said “Mom you will lose it in a week or so. And I know I will lose it. But I noticed how horrible I felt from eating all of the fried foods and pizza that it made me want to stay clear of those foods in the future.


But all in all I had a great time and got a hair cut so I feel brand new and I won’t let this stop me. After all I did have loads of fun on a vacation I really needed and got a huge sun burn haha.


So no weight loss this week but stay tuned because next week I expect nice results even if I end up back were I stated at 282lbs. it will show me I can lose it if something like this arises again.


I look forward to hearing about your Nutrisystem or weight loss journey and any tips you can share with me.

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  1. Colleen Busch says

    Keep the positive attitude on this journey. It will go along way. I just finished the program at the beginning of the year. I lost almost 50 pounds and so far so good have kept it off with better food choices and exercise.

  2. Samantha C says

    Love your new hair cut! Feeling like a brand new person can have amazing results on everything and I know you will succeed in the weeks to come!

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