Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 4 #NSNastion #Spon

Well I made it to week 4 on the Nutrisystem Success Program. As you know already part of week 2 and week 3 I was on vacation and gained 8 pounds. No worries on my end because I lost 4 of that 8 pounds this week and know I will lose the other 4 as long as I keep at it. Bringing my total back down to 286lbs. I am trying for another 4lbs loss next week because I really need to break this 280 and never see it again! Losing weight is definitely a journey.

This week was Easter and my Birthday and yes I had my favorite cake. To fit the cake in my plan and not feel guilty, what I decided to do was instead of having my Nutrisystem dessert I ate a piece of my cake instead. I also had a couple pieces of candy on Easter, but I didn’t over do it. Some of you might ask why would I cheat on my diet and eat cake and some candy? Well I ate it in moderation and I found that if I don’t eat that tasty treat once in a while. I tend to crave it to much and end up indulging in it and then gaining a pound or 2 back. So this is what worked for me this week and it also prevented me from indulging during my week.

One of my new favorites I ate this week on the Nutrisystem Success plan is the Turkey Ham & Cheese Omelet. Made with lean smoked turkey ham and a combination of Swiss and creamy cheddar cheese in a fluffy egg white omelet. This goes great in the morning with a Nutrisystem Creamy Chocolate Protein Shake.



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I look forward to hearing about your Nutrisystem or weight loss journey and any tips you can share with me.

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