Officially Love Chrissy’s Knee High Socks!

My family is always looking for great quality sports socks, especially for our teen who plays basketball. You would think finding a good-quality pair of socks would be easy however we have found that not to be the case. We have purchased so many different brands and only to find a few that last and have the colors we need.

Recently we were sent some custom sports socks from Chrissy’s Knee High Socks that we ordered and my son absolutely loves the quality. They are actually affordable, durable custom socks made in the USA.

I found the ordering process to be very easy and the shipping was fast. Chrissy’s Knee High Socks has a large selection that covers all sizes and occasions. You can customize socks to promote your brand or sports team, and even show off your own personal style. Head on over and check them out and add some fun to your wardrobe!

The socks we purchased for this review are knee-high sock length and the material is 80% Acrylic, and 20% nylon with a defined heel/toe and breathable mesh footing and made for high performance.

The socks are custom sport socks with a 7-character max lettering style that you can customize to your liking including colors and letters. This style is recommended for Roller Derby Teams, Gyms (Activewear), Cheerleading, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Sororities, and Runs.

You can customize the following on your socks:

  1. Base color
  2. Stripe color
  3. Lettering color
  4. Text
  5. Heel/Toe Color

The turn-a-round time for your customizable sock purchase is 1-2 weeks of production time. Keep in mind production time does not include shipping. Allow 3-5 business days for delivery. That’s actually very good for custom socks. I have waited 4 to 6 before for customized products from other brands and sometimes that’s just too long. So I was very pleased to get these so quickly!

When you order a pair of socks you have customized once you place the order you will receive a digital proof for final approval within 24 hours. After they have approved your socks, your order will be scheduled for production and you will be given an estimated delivery date.

Chrissy’s Knee High Socks are super comfortable, not itchy, and really soft, and did I mention they are made in the USA? They often have sales where you can find socks for as low as 0.99¢ a pair! So be sure to sign up for their newsletter and keep an eye out for these awesome deals!

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