ökocat Litter Keeps Our House Smelling Clean With 4 Cats!

Most recently I had the opportunity in trying ökocat litter sent to me in return for this post. Regardless all opinions are my own . 
As a owner of 7 pets I want nothing more than the best for them, great food, great litter, toys, bedding, etc. They are just like my kids and I love each and every one of them. When it comes to litter for my 4 cats I need something that controls the odor clumps well, and isn’t harmful to me or my cats. Luckily ökocat natural cat litter can provide me with this and more. 
Okocat Litter Keeps Our House Smelling Clean With 4 Cats!
ökocat cat litter is a natural cat litter that is made of 100% reclaimed natural wood. Starting off with natural fallen timber or unused lumber material that would usually go to waste, this would is then chipped and pelleted along with a mix of proprietary plant based binders that are put in to improve the finished product. Since ökocat is made from natural materials from the earth it can be returned to the earth. 
Okocat has been sold as the leading brand of cat litter in Europe for over 10 years. Not only is Okocat cat litter higher in performance to clay litters its superior to other natural cat litters. You may wonder what makes this wood based cat litter better than the usual clay litters. Well, ökocat is free of harmful chemicals, or any added fake scents. On the other hand clay litters contain sodium bentonite and silica dust that is harmful to cats and owners. Clay litters are powdery with dust that appears almost every time it is poured or when you clean and change the litter. Breathing in this dust can be harmful on your lungs. However, ökocat has little to no airborne dust that could be tracked throughout your home from cats paws. 

Unlike other natural cat litters ökocat ranks high in all features; 
This litter absorbs 500%, making sure your cat stays clean and dry longer, as well as the litter. It has 7 day odor control, not 1 days not 2 days but 7 days the odor can be stopped in its tracks. ökocat’s sustainable and biodegradable cat litter can be broken down quicker and easier than clay litters, it’s even flushable. This cat litter is also naturally antibacterial. 
I’ve never used any other litter besides clay based litters, so this was a very new thing for both me and my cats. This litter didn’t have any strong or harmful smells, it smelt just like wood. Since my cats were on a different litter to help them get used to ökocat I put about 2 inches of it at the bottom of their litter box then topped it off with 1 inch of their usually litter. So as they used the bathroom they would scratch and mix it on their own. 
Okocat Litter Keeps Our House Smelling Clean With 4 Cats! Okocat Litter Keeps Our House Smelling Clean With 4 Cats!
Just after the first two days I could tell the difference in smells, and as I cleaned the box there wasn’t dust all over when filling it either. It clumped very good and clusters didn’t break apart. I was very pleased with this litter and so were my cats. I might just completely switch ökocat. 
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