One-Piece Eyewear Changes the Face of 3D-Printed Fashion

A handful of startup companies and well-known designers are trying their hand at 3D-printed eyeglasses, with their own unique visions for the production process. Israeli designer Ron Arad has generated some buzz for his iconic PQ Eyewear collections, but a Hong Kong company called ITUM — started by Edmond Wong and Simon Lin — may have a competitive product on their hands. Dubbed MONO, their frame designs are printed from one twisted piece of durable nylon, with two “DNA joint” hinges that eliminate the need for any screws. Funded with the crowd-funding site Indiegogo, MONO glasses aren’t individually tailored to fit a person’s face — which PQ Eyewear boasts about its adjustable wire frames — but they do come in three different sizes, with a handful of color options for frames and lenses. Prescription and tinted lenses both offer UV 400 protection, and the frames weigh as little as 11 grams, which is much lighter than the typical pair of glasses. In the infographic below, you’ll learn more about the latest printing techniques and high-fashion designs on the market.

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