Online Easter Egg Hunt with $50,000 in Prizes!

$50,000 in prizes from March 1 to 31, 2013 such as:

  •  Gift Cards
  • Kindles
  • iPads
  • Mixers
  • iPods
  • Appliances
  • Cameras and More!!!

This is way bigger than there last years Egg hunt!! Go searching now click here.

Each day this March Woman Freebies will be hiding virtual Easter eggs on their blog pages. The amount of eggs they will hide and when they will hide them varies from day-to-day.  Just because you don’t find an egg one morning, doesn’t mean you won’t find one later on that same day!

Luck plays a huge part in who will find eggs, but hunting smart won’t hurt either. The eggs don’t move around but are hidden on various blog pages and are set to appear only a percentage of the time. Each page has different odds of winning so don’t just keep refreshing the same page over and over! Hunt through the newer blog posts for your best odds in winning. They have made it convenient for you – hunt for eggs on any browser and even on their mobile site.


The eggs will be hidden all over the site, but will never be found on thier home page. The eggs don’t appear instantly, but take 10 seconds to load. This gives you some time to read through their posts and take advantage of the great coupons, freebies, and deals. Hurry and get eggs hunting I wanna hear what you found and what you won!! Go here.

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