Online Games That Are Totally Worth Spending Money On

When you get home after a hard day, one of the most relaxing activities is playing some video games. Online multiplayer games are great, especially if they’re RPG or first-person shooter games. Some of these games have a lot of extra perks that you can get with real money, but a lot of gamers wonder which games are worth the extra expense. 

So, here’s a list of excellent games that are worth spending your money on.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

If you’re into online first-person shooters, then Counter-Strike is the game for you. CS: GO was developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. CS: GO changed the entire gaming world, and it has been one of the most addictive and engaging games ever created. It has an eminent reputation in the Esports world and a lot of tournaments happen annually with great prizes up for grabs. But the best perks of this game are the skins that are available for players. Thousands of players trade, sell, or buy them with real money. These cosmetic skins range from gear to weapons, allowing players to change how the game looks. There has been a lot of money spent on this game for many years and numerous players still love purchasing and trading skins online. So, it’s clear that spending money on this game is totally worth it.

Old School RuneScape

Another amazing game that is worth spending money on, is Old School RuneScape. It was developed by Jagex and it has been an addictive and entertaining game for many years. Numerous gamers love it even with its minimalistic nature and simple graphics. Also, some gamers love buying in-game gold to help make their experience easier and enjoyable. The gold sellers at state that the safest way to buy in-game gold is through a reputable platform that has a positive track record and players who can vouch for its legitimacy. Only then should you feel comfortable buying some in-game gold for your game. OSRS  is very fun and addictive because you have a variety of choices of what to do in the game. You could go on quests, dabble in some mini-games, work on your crafting skills, and much more.


The famous Hearthstone card game, that was developed by Activision Blizzard, brings a lot to the table (no pun intended). You can enjoy numerous card matches with your friends or look for a random player to test your skills against. You have numerous heroes to choose from and you could work on building your deck of cards too, hopefully, guaranteeing you victory each round. The game developers allow players to buy different card decks from their in-game shop, and you can purchase different expansions that have special card competitions that can give you excellent rewards. There used to be a chance for you to buy heroes as your avatar, but it has been discontinued for now. However, the game developers have promised that it will be available again soon. So, this online strategic card game can be worth your money, if you want to enjoy more of what it has to offer.

World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft franchise has been the top online MMORPG for so many years and it has a great fantasy world that takes you on engaging quests, involves interesting storylines, and has epic battles whether they’re PvE or PvP. It was developed by Blizzard Entertainment, now known as Activision Blizzard. WoW has a subscription system so you can play it normally, but it also has a nice in-game shop for other perks. You could buy vanity items like little companions or pets, mounts, and toys too. Also, the shop has in-game services like realm transfers, name changes, race switching, cross-faction switching, in-game gold, and even instant leveling boosts. It’s a great way for people to make their gaming experiences better based on their needs and wants. WoW is one of those games that are really worth spending your money on. 

How you choose to spend your time and money is up to you, but playing games is an excellent way to have some fun. You can be whoever you want and customize your characters however you like. Also, with so little time to do everything, it’s not a bad idea to get some extra help, in-game money, or vanity items and collectibles. Some people might not like microtransactions, thinking that it ruins the games and the community but, if you have the spare cash for it, then there is nothing wrong with buying what you want. Go on ahead and make your game experience much better and enjoyable for you!

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