Organic Panic for the PS4

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Organic Panic


Most recently I had the chance in reviewing the new game from LastLimb called, ” Organic Panic”, available for XboxOne, Playstation 4, Steam, IOS and Android.

Organic Panic is a 2D physics based, action puzzle platformer that takes a whole different step on gaming. Created with a D.A.F.T (Destruction and Fluid Technology) engine combining fully interactive dynamic fluids and completely destructible levels. Every object and surface has real world properties, break, melt, burn, conduct, douse, float, it all works together and makes some unique puzzle challenges.

Organic Panic

In Organic panic it’s a quirky band of fruit and veggies against a legion of heavily armed meat and cheeses. An old dotty apple will guide his organic friends on a magical quest, while twisted billionaire Baby Cheese will stop at nothing to destroy every last one of them.

Organic Panic

You can play as four different organic warriors:

  • Cherry -With the magical element power of EARTH, don’t let her size fool you, with her power no barrier will stand in her way.
  • Kiwi -Coming from down under, with his cheery disposition, he enjoys a good swim and has elemental control over WATER. He likes nothing more than taking the deadly Meats and Cheeses for a swim.
  • Carrot -This carrot is hot! But even hotter with the power to control FIRE! Being a flame-wielding parkour expert, Carrot can climb up mostly any surface to rain fire upon his enemies below. Those meats will be well over well done when Carrot is finished.
  • Coconut -His attitude may be down, but obstacles and enemies will go up with his elemental power of GRAVITY.

The Meat and Cheese cartel may come armed with a mechanical arsenal of destruction, but they won’t stand a chance against the elements!

Organic Panic

I honestly thought this was the coolest game, me being a vegan and all. I thought this was quite the game. Me and my son and daughter gave it a try. It has been awhile since we played a 2D puzzler platformer game like this. Organic Panic may seem like any other game put when you really pay attention and think how to solve these puzzling levels, you will really notice how much thought was put into it.

When I first read about their D.A.F.T technology I had to try it out myself and see it for my own eyes. With technology you can literally fill an entire level with completely reactive liquids, all flowing and effecting the level structures. Carrot’s fire will burn wood, heat and conduct materials. Kiwi’s water can put out fires but will evaporate with contact of hot surfaces. It’s great to see it happen, my favorite character is already is Kiwi. I like being able to fill up areas with water where enemies are. Or putting out fires or missiles the enemies have shot at me.

You can play over 200 brain twisting levels, between different game modes:


Including a Co-op mode, where players can team up and work together to solve puzzles with the elements combined. in the Vs mode you can increase the fun with wild new powers for each character like Earth Quakes, Fire Storms, Floods, and Gravity Warp Fields and manic battles to use your skills against each other.

Organic Panic

My daughter got stuck on a few levels, but even being frustrated played an played them over again trying out different techniques to get past the Meats and Cheeses. As you reach higher levels in the single player mode, you will unlock the characters and be able to switch between them to help you finish a puzzle and come out strong. Some levels may need to power of WATER and FIRE, some just FIRE or some with WATER, EARTH, FIRE, and GRAVITY. But it’s up to you, use your survival skills and knowledge to defeat Baby Cheese’s meaty minions and cheesy fiends!

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Organic Panic is Rated E for Everyone.

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  1. I just got my son this game last week. Him and my husband love it.

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