Perfect Gift Ideas: What to Get Someone Who Loves Golf?

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Golf has been around for years, and while many people think that it is only exclusive to rich people, it is actually enjoyed by many, regardless of their financial situation. In fact, you might even have a golf lover in your life. Choosing a gift for a golfer can be a bit challenging if you do not know much about the sport yourself. 

However, no need to worry! With our comprehensive list of gift ideas, you are surely going to impress that special loved one.

A Rangefinder

To the untrained eye, a rangefinder may look like fancy binoculars. Nonetheless, it is one of the most essential gadgets a golfer can have. Expert golfers use rangefinders to determine the distance between their current point and the closest hole; thus, they can easily make their swings more accurate and get the best score. You should choose a model that combines accuracy, ease of use, and durability. Also, you need to make sure that the rangefinder you go for sports a bigger battery so that it does not stop working out of the blue during an important game. Generally, rangefinders are not exactly dirt cheap, as the most affordable models cost around $150, but any golf lover would love to have one.

Putting Greens

Unfortunately, not all golf lovers have unlimited access to professional golf courses. So, if you plan on buying a gift for a golf enthusiast, then you cannot go wrong with indoor putting greens. Indoor putting greens help golfers practice at home. Of course, there are many putting greens on the market. So, the models reviewed here can all be great options. As a general rule of thumb, you should look for putting greens that are made of durable material. Also, the models that come with more than two holes are better, as they are more effective at helping golfers improve their aim.

Moisture-Wicking Gloves

Playing golf on particularly hot or even rainy days can be challenging simply because the players find it difficult to grip the club and swing accurately. If you have noticed that your friend has this problem when golfing, you can buy moisture-wicking gloves for them. Moisture-wicking gloves are made from either synthetic mesh or leather, but both materials basically do the same job—keep the golfer’s hands dry by absorbing any moisture on them. You can purchase these special gloves at only $20, so they can be a great gift if you are on a budget.

A Portable Golf Launch Monitor

Practice makes perfect, but why not make golf practice a bit more fun? A portable golf launch monitor can be the best gift you can get for the golfer in your life. This nifty gadget functions as a golfer’s personal trainer by showing vital information, such as the swing speed, ball speed, and loft angle after every swing. This way, it helps golfers improve their accuracy and get a solid idea of the aspects they need to work on to perfect every swing.

A Club Cleaner 

From grubby hands to severe weather conditions, golf clubs undergo all sorts of abuse. This is why it is important for golfers to keep their clubs shiny and pristine. Instead of using a damp cloth, your friend can use a club cleaner. Most models come with a spray bottle, a special brush, and a scrub pad. Look for a compact model that has all these tools to make it easier for your friend to carry it around when needed.

Recyclable Golf Balls

Golf balls can be the perfect gift idea for any golfer. After all, golf players lose hundreds of balls every year! However, for a non-expert, you might not know what type to get because there are dozens of brands on the market. Therefore, you can get a recyclable, eco-friendly brand. Not only are these balls a terrific gift for your golf-loving friends, but they are also good for the environment; a win-win!

A Cart Cooler

On those scorching hot days, golf players might find themselves in need of a cold drink. It can be hard to get one when they are moving all the time. Thus, getting a cart cooler can be a smart idea if you are looking for a nice gift for the golf pro in your life. A cart cooler can be attached to any golf cart and can keep a dozen cans or bottles refreshingly cold. A thoughtful gift, right?

A Mini Golf Set

Unfortunately, not all golf lovers have access to professional golf courses. So, if you plan on buying a gift for young golf lovers, then you cannot go wrong with a mini golf set. For more fun, opt for a set with many parts, as most of the fun lies in assembling the component of the set. Moreover, look for a set that can be used indoors and outdoors for some versatility. 

When choosing a gift for a golfer, you must make sure that they end up using it. So, getting things that are related to golf equipment or gadgets can be a smart move. Golf gloves, rangefinder, golf balls, club cleaners, and the like are all great gifts. However, don’t forget to set a budget, as some of the fancier, high-end gadgets can cost you a pretty penny.

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