Petmate Review

Petmate is the trusted power in smart pet care solutions. At Petmate, they believe in what they do, because they have pets too!

I love Petmate products, whether it be toys, accessories, feeding, bedding, cages, etc. And all their products that I have or have gotten were always great in quality, and performance.

I have 4 full grown cats, and 1 dog so you would think that I need to keep up on entertainment, food, and accessories. Well, you thought right!

For starters, since I have four full grown cats I also have 3 big, litter boxes for them all. I won’t lie it is hard to keep up on them all, especially the floor mess that is made. There would usually be cat litter tracked on to the floor from the cat’s paws. I’m pretty sure you cat owners know what I’m talking about. In addition to this problem I had the opportunity to review a Flexible Litter Mat  and other products sent to me free of charge from Petmate in exchange for an honest review.

Petmate Review

The Flexible Litter Mat traps unwanted litter that is scatter from your cat’s paws. It is designed with a deep surface grid, along with a fashionable paw print that keeps your cat’s paws and the surrounding floor area clean. Along with keeping the floor clean it even keeps your cat’s paws clean instead of cluttered with litter.

I put this mat outside of my biggest cat litter box. And I watched one of my cats do their business and as they walked out I could see the left over litter trapped in the grooves of the mat. There was a little cat litter beside the mat, but the majority was stuck in the mat. The Flexible Litter Mat has solved one of my frustrating problems! The mat is made of thick flexible rubber, and it is very durable. It’s dimensions are 17″ x 14″ x .3″. It is available in a variety of colors.


Including the Flexible Litter Mat I also received the Booda Balance Ball by Petmate. This interesting toy features a rod and a feather extended from a weighted ball that pops back upright after it is knocked down! There is also a bell attached to the feather which adds even more excitement to the toy! The ball is transparent and made of extremely strong polycarbonate material that can handle a lot of damage. I got the Pink and Yellow color combination.

My cats really needed a new toy like this. Instead of the average plastic balls with a bell in the inside I would usually get. When I took it out of the package the bell jingled and two of cats came running! I set it on the floor and my second youngest cat, Blaze saw the feather swishing around and just began swatting at it. It rolled around on the floor as he hit it with his paw. He had a great time with it. Then my other cats had their turn at it. One just kept trying to eat the feather, but finally found out it wasn’t eatable! All in all you can tell my cats liked this new toy very much. I couldn’t see anything bad about this product. It is durable, great in quality and cats love it!

Now, I don’t want to leave my dog, Roscoe out on all the fun. I received two Petmate products for him: the Comfort Cushion Adjustable Leash, and ChuckIt! Tumble Bumper.

Petmate Review

Petmate’s Adjustable Leash is ideal for pet owners who like the feel and control of a traditional leash, but are looking for an easy to adjust the length. This leash has a durable, easy-slide adjuster that makes it snap to change the length within seconds. You can go from 3-6 feet with the medium leash or 2-4 feet with the large leash. The Petmate Adjustable Leash is available in a variety of colors.


The handle is thicker than the rest of the leash, for a nice grip. It isn’t hard to adjust the leash to make it longer or shorter, you just slide the buckle away from the handle to make it longer. And reverse to make it shorter. The whole thing is very durable, and it is actually great for training! The color of mine, is black and the size is medium.

The ChuckIt! Tumble Bumper adds a new element of play to the tug, shake and toss category. With it’s unique tumbling action and buoyancy that makes the toy fun to play fetch on land or even in water. The cool thing is that it floats in water, and can be easily seen in water. It comes in multiple sizes for every pet.

Roscoe has so many toys, that occupies him. And the Tumble Bumper adds to his collection, this toy is very durable and he just loves it. He can’t demolish this, and trust me he has tried. Haha! But I’ll see him swing it back and forth and it will fling across the room and I will hear him sprint after it. It is funny watching him run around after it.

Each and every product that I received was wonderful, I couldn’t find anything bad about them, they all worked well, and for the toys they kept my animals occupied for long amounts of time.

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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