PetSmart Spooktacular Pet Costumes Product Review

If you’re a big Halloween lover like I am, you want everyone too wear a costume and be in the spooky spirit! That means from my oldest son all the way to my youngest cat. That’s right, pet costumes! The cutest things I have ever come across.

Pet Smart was so nice enough to send me over a few of them for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

The costumes I received are, a Dog’s Large Spider-Man costume, a SuperMan costume,  and a  WonderWoman costume. Each costume was so cute and the fabric felt great and soft, nothing that could tear or rip easily. The Large SpiderMan costume I put on my dog, Roscoe. It fit him really snug, like REALLY. He is such a flabby, chubby pooch. Maybe if he would get on the treadmill and run a few miles he could fit in it! Hahaha. But he was a good boy and a good model for it. It had two Velcro straps, one that wrapped under his belly and one around his neck. It also has a hood with ear holes. He looked so adorable.

PetSmart Spooktacular Pet Costumes PetSmart Spooktacular Pet Costumes PetSmart Spooktacular Pet Costumes

The Small SuperMan costume I put on one of my cats, Blaze. It was small enough to fit my cat, not too small and not too big. Besides, Blaze has a very slender shape. He wouldn’t quite pose for me, he just laid there, haha. This costume had a head hole and two Velcro straps that wrapped under his arms and back on his back and stuck to the cap. His facial features depict how he felt about the whole ‘costume’ thing.

The next one was the WonderWoman costume that easily fit on my oldest cat, Baby. She does have some junk in the trunk and has a pretty full figure, so the costume fit pretty snug on her. This one had no Velcro, just some arm holes and a head hole. As well as a little dress back. So pretty she was in that costume. I think she liked this one! I was so grateful to have received these costumes, they are not cheaply made.

Be sure to visit Pet Smart to see their wide variety of other animal costumes. They have ones from Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, Super Heroes, to even dragons and pumpkins! You are sure to find a nice one for your furry fellow! I highly recommend you pick up a costume for your best friend this Halloween Season!

Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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