Places for Children to Learn

There are hundreds of things fighting for the attention of our young people today. Between media, social media, school, and friends children are having their attention pulled in so many places. It’s important to learn how to keep them focused on important tasks and goals throughout life. It’s always best to start young so they can develop these habits early on and keep them for the duration of their lives.
While there are so many things fighting for their attention there are also an astounding number of resources at their disposal to help them expand their education and own influence in this world. With the online resources and various specialty schools, there’s no reason why students of today can’t be the perfect “renaissance man.”
The resources available online alone are incredible. There are whole websites dedicated to expanding the education of people of all ages, especially young people. Sites like the Khan Academy, Team Tree House, and Lynda all focus on educating students on a vast array of topics. It’s easy to learn by paying a cheap monthly subscription or nothing at all and then learning about your topic of choice. Some of these resources where how I got caught up on my math skills and was able to successfully clip out of several classes in college. Some are how I learned to code websites using HTML5 and CSS 3. There are more and more websites opening every single day to educate and equip our young people for the future. We all know that technology is playing an incredibly important role in our day to day lives and that will only increase as time goes on. It’s important to keep up with the times.
Art is another area that is extremely important. Art captures our current culture and communication at the time. It can define an era (like Jim Hendrix, The Beatles, and Picasso.) It’s important we don’t lose sight of keeping those arts alive whether it be through just enrolling a child in a music school or community college for a painting class. You could take guitar lessons in Frisco, Tx or take drawing lessons in New York City. We must continue to emphasize the arts and the benefit they can have to society and keeping our history alive.
These are just a handful of places for children to learn and begin to grow in their knowledge and education.

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