Plan Your Heists in Path of Exile’s Newest Expansion

Live out your Phantom Thief fantasies
If you happen to be a fan of Ocean’s 11, Persona 5, or Payday, you’ll surely enjoy the next update to Path of Exile. With the POE Heist league, you’ll be able to plan out increasingly elaborate PoE heists all to get the treasure and escape successfully. Of course, there’ll be all new PoE currency and PoE items to collect and steal, so don’t miss the opportunity!
Here’s a quick look at all the things we know thus far about this new league.
Plan Your Path of Exile Heists
Rogue Harbor, the newest location made for this league, houses 13 hire-able rogues to assist you in your heist. Some other necessary connections also hang out here, such as the Wayfinder, who’s something like a manager for your companion thieves. Accessing the harbor and hiring the rogues require Rogue’s Markers. You’ll find these PoE orbs scattered across Wraeclast, along with Contracts and clues for Path of Exile Heists.
Once you’ve found a Contract you’d like to take, choose a rogue whose skills fit what you need for it. Talk to the Wayfinder, pay the marks, and he’ll send you along to the location. During the heist, you have to avoid the guards’ attention as you make your way to the prize.
On the way to your main goal, you’ll encounter side rooms with tempting rewards. It’s a balance of risk and reward. Security tightens as you alert guards of your presence, and they might even lock down the area. Take too many, and you’ll run the risk of getting captured and losing everything you’ve gained. On the other extreme, just getting your target is boring. It’s up to you to plan your heist!
Not interested in the thrill of stealing and sneaking around? All Contracts are tradable. You can sell yours through PoE trade, and get profit instead.
Rogue Specialties
Using the right tool for the job is the best way of increasing your chances of success. Contracts contain what safeguards are around your target. Locked doors can require a rogue good at lock-picking, for example. You can even equip them with specific PoE items to boost their skills even more. If you’re not satisfied with their effects, you can modify them by crafting.
Hire the best rogue for your contract so you can escape safely!
Grand Path of Exile Heists
All of these small PoE heists are to prepare you for Grand Heists. You’ll have to craft or find blueprints that tell you where the target is in large facilities. You can even use clues from other contracts to narrow it down even more.
Due to the sheer size of the facility, you’re going to need a bigger team to tackle these jobs. Plan things carefully and gather all the intel you can get. You need everything to go well during the heist. Otherwise, you might lose your chance to get even more spectacular rewards.
PoE Heist Rewards
Of course, you’re not going to plan a heist without knowing what you’re stealing. Here are the possible rewards for going on a Grand Heist:
Thieves’ Trinkets

  • Thieves’ Trinkets – modify what you can get from future PoE heists.
  • Alternate Quality Gems – give new depth to old skill gems. May have strengthened or totally different effects from the original. Each gem has up to three new alternatives.
  • Replica Uniques – PoE uniques, but with slight differences. New builds can use these PoE uniques if they couldn’t use the originals.
  • Experimental Base Types – new POE item base type with exotic effects from their core-game counterparts.
  • New Weapon and Body Enchantments – you have a chance of receiving absurdly powerful body armor or weapons. Modifying these PoE items have different results than usual. More powerful effects have significant drawbacks.

Additional Updates
More things are coming with the expansion alongside the new league. There’s a new curse skill to explore, updates to the Steel Skills, and new and revamped spells. There are also 25 new PoE uniques, new Divination Cards, and so much more.
This expansion also marks the game’s release on macOS. Apple users may soon install the game on their PCs or laptops through the website. With integration to the main PC realm, you don’t even have to make a new account to do so. You get to keep your league progress and any PoE currency and PoE items you have. Also, you can expect to find the game on the Epic Games Store soon!
Path of Exile’s Heist expansion comes to PC on September 18, 2020. It comes later, on September 23, for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.
Stack the deck in your favor and prepare for the Heist, Path of Exile style!

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