Planning A Road Trip This New Year? Remember These 4 Things

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The time before and after the New Year is always exciting. For celebrations, we all think we should plan something cool and unique every year. If you are bored of terrace parties and club-hopping, and want to do something different this year, then how about going on a road trip to kickstart 2020?

Just imagine yourself being on the roads, traveling to one of your favorite destinations to celebrate New Year. We are sure that you will come back feeling refreshed and ready for the months ahead. Moreover, if you are a driving enthusiast, then we are sure that you must already be thinking of a destination after reading this. 

However, going on a road trip is best enjoyed when you don’t face any hassles along the way. This is possible when you plan well for it. Whether it is about your car, car insurance or destination you want to visit, doing the required groundwork is important.

So, keep in mind these four crucial things when planning a road trip this new year:

  1. Plan Where to Go

India is a land of extreme landscapes across its length and breadth. No matter what kind of places you love to visit, this country presents you with all sorts of terrains. 

Depending on your likes, choose a perfect destination you would like to visit for New Year celebrations. 

Not all areas stay open for visitors throughout the year. So, consider weather conditions during your trip to avoid facing hurdles. For instance, going to Leh-Ladakh in extreme winters is not recommended. However, you can plan a trip to some other hill station or places like Jaipur or even the North-East for a memorable experience. 

So, plan accordingly.  

  1. Anticipate Trouble Spots

Driving your car for long miles means you may end up facing unexpected troubles, such as closed pathways due to snow or landslides or even your car breaking down. 

Take the case when you plan to go on a winter road trip to the mountains in India only to find that the routes are closed for tourists. Such a situation will spoil your plan and may leave you to feel annoyed and helpless in a new place. 

So, plan well and be prepared for possible troubles on your road trip. If your friends have recently gone on a road trip, ask them about their experiences. Similarly, search for relevant information online to identify areas where you might get blocked on your way to the chosen destination.

  1. Check Your Car’s Condition

There is a difference between driving your car to your office daily and taking it on a long road trip. Any unexpected car damage may zero down all the charm and excitement you had towards making the road trip. 

Before you set yourself out on a road trip, it is crucial that you check if your car is in good health. Get it serviced before the day you have planned to embark on the trip. Don’t ignore any major damage repair work, if needed. 

It would be great if you let a professional mechanic check for problems in your car before you depart for the trip. This will reduce the risk of facing mechanical issues when you are on the way to your awaited destination.

  1. Don’t Forget Car Insurance

A long road trip for the New Year celebrations also means you may get caught by the traffic police several times. As in the city, you will be asked about all your car’s insurance policy by the police. Plus, there is also a risk of meeting with an accident.

Being far away from your home means you can’t reach back home for the insurance documents whenever needed. Traffic rules have also been changed recently, with an increased fine for not carrying car insurance. So, don’t forget to carry the car insurance policy with you. It will help you beat the odds, thus ensuring a wonderful road trip to mark the beginning of a New Year. In case you want to buy a new car insurance policy, switch to Tata AIG – one of the popular car insurance companies in India known for its high claim settlement ratio. 
For your New Year road trip, you might prefer hitting the open roads with your car than any other means of transportation. Still, remember that your safety and that of the car is paramount. These crucial things will help you make road trip memories to be cherished in the future.

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