Planning The Perfect Destination Wedding

The Most Memorable Of Weddings

All weddings are occasions to remember; even those which don’t happen in the most ideal circumstances. However, your wedding day is one of those few occasions in life where you want to aspire toward the most ideal ceremony you can. Granted, this can be expensive, and there are limitations in terms of reality, but there are also realities better than you may have imagined.

Generally, Americans are going to spend about $25k on a wedding. But if you’re savvy, you can conduct the ceremony in a country where everything is much less expensive. What you pay in travel you save in amenity costs.

When you can buy officiants, venues, catering, entertainment, desserts, decorations, Limo Find and lodging at a tenth the cost, then you can buy more with less. If you have a destination wedding in the Philippines, it’s just possible you could have what in America would be considered a lavish affair, for what in America is astonishingly cheap.

Certainly, there are balances to all things, and maybe you don’t want to do a destination wedding just to cut costs, but because you want the destination of your dreams for a wedding you’ll never forget. Regardless, the following are a few tips to help you have your best destination wedding.

Book Everything In Advance

The further out you can book your wedding, the better. You’ll be able to secure venues more cost-effectively, get everyone’s schedules locked in, send out invitations, ensure your wardrobe is on point, arrange vendors and all the many things that go into the perfect wedding. Also, you can properly arrange travel.

A destination wedding is generally going to be a party of about twenty people with a dozen or so stragglers. The main party will travel as a group. That’s going to take some management. The more high profile the wedding, the less this is a necessity, but advance arrangements are still quite helpful.

Plan Wardrobe In Advance

Your wardrobe will be especially important to consider. If you’re on the beach, you won’t want a dress with an exceptionally long train; even if you have the flower girls hold it just right, you’re still going to have sand all over the place from the wind if nothing else. You’ll want something that allows you and the bridesmaids to walk barefoot.

Contrarily, if you’re in the forest, something different and warmer may be appropriate. Regardless of what you need, you can enjoy free shipping on Azazie; they offer options appropriate for almost any destination.

Find Cost Supplementation Options

If you’re looking for additional ways to help you fund your wedding or honeymoon here’s a great resource that can put the power of the crowd at your fingertips. A crowd-sourced honeymoon fund coupled with an online wedding gift registry can help you do the most with the least, giving you more resources to spend on your destination honeymoon.

The Perfect Event

Lastly, look carefully for the right place. If Ocean City will do, there’s no reason to fly a hundred people to Aruba. However, if there’s some sentimental value in the remote locale, that’s a different story.

When you boil everything down to the most pragmatic considerations, it turns out there’s no such thing as a perfect event. But you can approach perfection, and the more you plan in advance, the less stress you’re likely to have on the day of the big event. Sure, things will happen that you don’t expect; but you can have an excellent destination wedding if you prepare.

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