PLEASE READ: Metal Water Bottles Dangerous for Kids


Popular metal water bottles are posing a surprising danger as kids are getting their tongues stuck inside and undergoing serious procedures to be freed. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.


The Today Show recently posted a story about Metal Water Bottles and how they can be dangerous for our children. I felt it especially important to share with my readers. Please take the time to read and watch this story. I know many of us look at things and think this could never happen to my kid. But then sometimes bad things happen. You can read the full story here Rossen Reports: Metal water bottles can endanger kids, and watch an important video below.

Please share this with other parents in hopes we can help prevent seeing another child have to endure this horrible accident.

One guy in the video also suggests buying something called sip lids to help prevent this accident. I did a Google search of “Sip Lids  for metal water bottles” and found a lot of site that sell them.

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