Prepare for Spring: 10 Lawn Care Tips for the Spring

Prepare for Spring: 10 Lawn Care Tips for the Spring

The winter season has led to the yards and lawns becoming more green. The spring season therefore requires you to take good care of your lawn. During spring, the soil is more porous. Plants become more fragile. It is also during spring that the weather becomes more incalculable. This is why you need to focus more on your lawn during spring season. We have therefore, done a thorough research and compiled a guideline for you, giving you tips on how you should take care of your lawn for the spring. Let’s learn!

The amount of care you give to your lawn varies with the kind of grass that you are growing.

The following are the two types of grass;

1.Warm Season Grass

This type of grass starts growing when the last spring frost is over. It grows up to mid summer. Examples of warm season grass are St Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede. They grow very well in the hot season but during winter, they become quiescent.

2.Cool Season Grass

It has two growth springs. One is, a moderate spew during spring, the other is, a big spew in the fall. During hot summer season, this grass becomes lethargic. This is why during spring, a lot of care should be given to give more strength to the plants for summer season. This guide for cool season grasses, such as bluegrass, rye and fescue, can teach you more about proper planting and watering.

10 Lawn Care Tips:

1. Be Gentle while Cleaning

Heavy work can cause damage to the tenderness of the grass sprouting. The leaves and debris that have fallen should be removed carefully. After the soil has dried off, then you can apply hard work in the yard.

2. Weed Control

Remove the weeds before they start growing. Use pre-emergent weed control such as herbicides, to prevent the weeds from sprouting.

3. Fertilizing

Do not use heavy fertilizers on your lawn, to sustain the growth. Heavy fertilizing should be done during fall season. The best time to fertilize is when the lawn is greening up.

4. Soil Testing

Test your soil during this time to know the changes you need to make for your soil. Lime can be applied when the grass is growing, preferably the early time of spring, that is if you’re to plant new grass.

5. Watering

Water your lawn, at least twice a week immediately after the grass starts growing. This is one of the great tips of taking care of your lawn.

6. Insect Control

The best time to control insects is during spring. Insects like grubs, crickets and moles are best controlled sometime later in the summer.

7. Mowing

Use grass blades to mow your lawn when cutting less than a third of its length at a time. Mowing should be done when necessary.

8. Aeration

Warm season grasses should be aerated during early to mid summer while for cool season grasses, aeration should be during the fall. After your lawn has been mowed, wait until 3 times in the season just to make sure the growth is fast. The speed should be enough to recover from aeration.

9. Dethatching

Dethatching is best done in spring. It should be done before aeration.

10. Cut Dead Patches

The dead patches should be cut using a spade. You should cut the edge then pull it up. The patches are supposed to be brown in color.

At the end of the day, if you want to have a fruitful year, use the above tips to get your lawn ready for spring. Set your land up for a productive year by, ensuring your lawn is geared up for the growth that comes with this season . Your lawn will surely thank you for it.


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