Protect Your Paint Job From Pollen Damage

Depending on wear you live you may already be very familiar with pollen. With spring here I am going to assume  you have already been seeing the effects of pollen on your vehicle. If you didn’t know already, pollen can actually damage your car’s paint. Pollen can latch onto our vehicles in the same way it latches onto clothing and more. With pollen being highly acidic that acidity will eat away at the paint job on your vehicle. 

Protect Your Paint Job From Pollen Damage

Sunset Chevrolet want’s to make sure you keep your paint looking nice. Use these easy car care tips to help prevent pollen from wreaking havoc on your paint job. 

How to Protect Your Car from Pollen Damage

Don’t worry there are some great tips car owners can use do to remove pollen properly and prevent future damage to you paint job.

1. Wash. First your going to want to give your vehicles a good wash in warm, soapy water. Just removing the pollen with cloth will only cause damage due to the pollen microscopic hooks that can leave scratches. 

2. Wax. Once the wash is complete and your vehicle is dry, apple some good car wax. The car wax adds a protective coat which will make it much harder for pollen to latch those microscopic hooks onto your paint. 

Protect Your Paint Job From Pollen Damage

3. Park in a protected area. There really is no area that can complexity stop pollen from getting to your vehicle. However parking in a covered area such as a garage will give you less exposure to pollen and the damage it can cause in general.

4. Cover your car. As much as many may think a car cover is not necessary or only for those who pamper their vehicles, it can be more helpful than you think. Especially when it comes to pollen. Get a car cover and use it to add an inexpensive protective guard against weather like pollen and more.

Protect Your Paint Job From Pollen Damage

5. Park away from trees. With weather getting warmer and summer just around the corner, many will find it very tempting to park under trees the lesson the heat in your vehicle.  However, parking under trees is like asking for your vehicle to get covered in pollen. If you can avoided it, don’t do it. 


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