5 Tips for Pet Preparedness, Pet Safety and Good Pet Health for Every Budget

As the world and USA alike presses “paws” and stocks up on toilet paper and household essentials for the whole family, it is important to anticipate the needs and supplies to care for our beloved furry friends as well.  

With more people staying at home, below is a Pet-Parents Guide that highlights ideas for pet preparedness on any budget: from dog and cat food & nutrition, training, exercise, and good old-fashioned family fun.

  • Daily Nutrition: Offering the longest shelf life, canned dog foods and cat foods are the best choice, but when you are stocking up on foods for your dogs and cats, it’s important to remember that not all dog foods and cat foods are created equal. “Choose foods for your pets with limited ingredients and quality USA-sourced proteins, with no fillers and preservatives,” states Holly Sher, President of family-owned Evanger’s® Dog and Cat Food Company.

Best sellers include Evanger’s Organic Beef Dinner with Coconut Oil for Dogs AND Evanger’s Organic Turkey & Butternut Squash Dinner for Cats, which provide nutritionally complete and balanced meals.  

  • Plan Ahead for Rx Medications & Supplements: In addition to stocking up on premium USA foods to have on-hand, don’t forget about your pet’s prescription medications or daily supplements too.  Consider refilling any prescriptions that your pet needs daily to have several weeks’ worth on-hand.  

1. Daily meds and supplements can be transformed into a tasty “treat” with Green Coast Pet’s innovative and convenient Pill A Pet, a moldable bacon flavor paste that can wrap around any pill, supplement, liquid or oil. Formulated with added probiotics, Pill A Pet gives Fido a friendly dose of good bacteria to help overcome the adverse effects of pills on the stomach and promote absorption too.  With 60 wraps per bag and the fact that this product does not have to be refrigerated make it a win-win-win for pets and people too.  

2. Next, promote healthy neurological function and reduced stress and anxiety with Green Coast Pet’s organic 100mg Hemp Oils for Dogs and 100 mg Hemp Oils for Cats.  NASC-certified and made with broad-spectrum hemp organically grown and produced in the USA, these oils are made using a solvent-free, super critical CO2 extraction method.  

  • Encourage Exercise & Play Time: Staying active during a time like this is good for the mind, body and soul. And the same goes for your pet.

1. Tug on this! An interactive toy that can be used inside or outside is the shock absorbing Easy Tug from Tether Tug that young and old alike can easily and safely play with your strong, playful tuggers.

2. Chew on this! The new Super Brush from Bullibone that keeps canine chewers busy and entertained while helping to remove dangerous tartar and plaque.  Both are great choices to keep your pet active and engaged.

  • All Treats, No Tricks: Treat time for our pets is something we can all look forward to. Sure to induce tail wagging and purring are these best sellers for dogs and cats:

1. Loving Pets’ Houndations™ Bite-Size Soft-Chew Treat for Dogs and It’s Purely Natural® Cat Treats are fun, grain-free made in the USA Treats that will instantly brighten moods and spirits. Affordably priced and also great treats to use in at-home training sessions, both of these low-calorie treats are made with high-quality USA ingredients, instantly making them your pet’s not-so-guilty pleasure.

2. There is a new edible in town!  Meowijuana®’s new Crunchie Munchies™ will be a hit with your feline besties.  Carefully crafted tuna, chicken or salmon flavored treats all have a catnip flavored center. So satisfying, your cat will have to fight the urge to go back for more after falling in love with this one of a kind edible.

  • At-Home Grooming Tips: With limited ability to get your pet professionally groomed or even bathed, keep your home and your pet’s skin and coat healthy and smelling great with must-have products such as EQyss Elite Conditioning Shampoo and EQyss’ Premier Spray – both are a convenient and affordable way to keep your pet smelling fresh and clean in between baths and grooming salon appointments.

Pet product companies around the United States and around the world are doing their part by donating thousands and thousands of pallets of products to shelters and rescues desperately needing support, and also these same companies are doing a tremendous job stocking your local pet product retailers to ensure your family has the food and supplies it needs to keep our pets healthy and safe on any budget during these difficult times.  A wagging tail or a gentle purr is an unconditional sign of love and hope that we all need right now.  Let’s do our part to keep our companions healthy and happy, and we promise they will return the favor.

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