Reasons to Consider Indestructible Dog Beds

Have you recently bought a puppy, rehomed a stray or given sanctuary to a rescue pet? If so, you could be scouring the online pet stores in search of the best dog bed on the market. Most cats are happy to curl up in a soft cat basket, but dogs tend to behave a little differently. Dog baskets are fashioned from all kinds of fabric, some strong, some not so durable. In the main, a run of the mill dog bed is easily torn apart by a frightened, angry, frustrated or boisterous pet. Some say a dog is happy to lay his head down anywhere but we feel a canine is entitled to a comfortable bed of his own. If your dog chews his way through numerous cloth beds, maybe it’s time to look at the latest chew resistant beds for your dog.

Reasons to Consider Indestructible Dog Beds

Is there really such a thing as an indestructible dog bed? Yes. Chew-proof dog beds are ideal for dogs that destroy their bedding. Let’s run through the main reasons why your dog needs a bed to call his own. Give a dog a bed to give him a sense of belonging. Your canny canine needs somewhere to relax and feel safe and eventually, he will regard his bed as his private sanctuary. Cushioned pet beds not only provide comfort, they protect the bones and help to keep the pets bone structure healthy. Yes, you could let your dog lounge on your couch, but the hairy pooch will soon turn your smart sofa into a hairy, slobbery mess. Why not invest in a pet bed that is almost impossible to destroy?

Large pet cushions are popular, but rough dogs usually chew or claw the fabric to access the stuffing. Foam filled pet beds are relatively inexpensive, but the soft foamy filling poses a risk to the pet’s health. For instance, the puppy or dog rips the bed cover and swallows some of the fillings. He might choke and you could be faced with a huge veterinary bill. As a pet owner, it is your duty to train your pet, but it takes a time to train a dog not to chew everything in sight. So, what should you do if your dog shows destructive behavior?

Search for an affordable chew proof dog bed, a cot style indestructible bed or an indestructible pet cushion. The best chew proof pet beds are made from toughened material. In general, reinforced dog beds are much harder to damage, so eventually, the dog tires of trying. Thinking of buying a new bed for your four-legged friend or updating your existing pet equipment? Maybe it’s time to consider buying a pet bed that will last for the foreseeable future. Let me tell you what makes a good, indestructible dog bed.

Cheap beds don’t last the course. It’s important to invest in a good-quality chew-proof bed. Buy a one-size-fits-all pet bed and you might live to regret it. Dogs come in different shapes and sizes and a Labrador cannot rest comfortably in a Chihuahua’s bed. Treat your furry friend to a tough, durable and comfortable pet bed to ensure he gets a good night’s rest.

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