ReciFoto Recipe Sharing App

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ReciFoto is an awesome free app available in the AppStore. It’s an app that lets users search for thousands of recipes within seconds, and even lets users share their own personal recipes with each other. As soon as you register in the app the home screen already as some recipes that were literally just posted! You can click the search icon and search any food you want a recipe for. There is everything! From chicken recipes, to soup, to ice cream and cakes to smoothies and so much more!

ReciFoto Recipe Sharing App

This is an awesome app that has many features to make your recipe sharing a great experience. It’s basically like Instagram but for recipes! You can edit your profile, and share posts and gain followers. You can like and comment on other user’s recipe posts too. You can make your profile private so only your followers can see the recipes you post. If you make your profile public the recipes you post will be posted onto the most recent feed.

ReciFoto Recipe Sharing App

You can also add hash tags in the title of a photo recipe you post so it can be easily searched. For example if you post a recipe photo of Chocolate Chip Cookies you can use the hash tags; #cookies #chocolatechip. So users can look up those hash tags and it’ll direct them to recipes in that category. When you post a picture you have the option to share it on 14+ social media sites as well.

This app makes finding and sharing recipes so easy! In the app there are five icons at the bottom of the screen. One for the public recipe list that shows all the recent recipes posted. The next is to search recipes, the next icon allows you to take a photo of your recipe to be shared. And the next saves a collection of your recipes. You can save other users recipes, with the $0.99 in App purchase. And the last icon when clicked brings you to your profile. This free app is easy to use, and I just love it. I’ve already liked some user’s recipes and followed people!

You can download the Recifoto App for free today. Use this link for your iPhone:

Or use this link to download the app for your iPad:  

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