Redecorating Your Home With a DIY Budget

If you have a designer aesthetic but a DIY budget, redecorating your home can be an opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Rather than spending a fortune on furniture you will replace in a few years, you can “upcycle” your existing pieces to give any room a new look. Here are four tips for upcycling your own furniture.

1. Give old furniture a new finish

Refinishing wooden furniture is one of the easiest ways to upcycle existing pieces. Of course you can strip and re-stain scratched wooden furniture, but you can also experiment with more ambitious projects. For instance, consider painting a bold pattern on a dresser or tabletop. You can even use adhesive to cover furniture with collages using any readily available paper. For a fresh take on an old piece, consider using sheet music, kids’ old report cards, or even love letters.

2. Easy upholstery fixes

If you find yourself staring unhappily at your couch and chair cushions, there is an easy fix that is much less expensive than buying new furniture. For sagging couches, consider getting replacement cushions and re-covering them with a fabric of your choice. Vendors like The Foam Factory offer the necessary materials to help you embark on your own upholstery upcycle.

3. Transform old cabinets and armoires into funky storage solutions

With very little work, old cabinets and armoires make eye-catching storage solutions. If your child outgrows a small dresser or armoire, remove the doors and re-paint the furniture to fashion an entirely new piece of furniture. You can create your own bar, chef’s rack, or coat closet out of these older pieces. For a trendy touch, consider painting some or all of the piece in chalkboard paint or a bright accent color.

4. Open the door to a new headboard

If you replace any doors in your home, pause before simply sending the door to the dump. Older wooden doors with panels make beautiful headboards with very little effort. You can either leave the natural wood finish in place or apply a high-gloss lacquer. For a special touch, you can add crown moulding around the edges to smooth out any rough sections of the wood. When turned sideways, most standard doors are the perfect size for queen-sized beds. Simply mount the door on the wall, and enjoy your new headboard.

These DIY ideas are just a few ways to upcycle your existing furniture. If you are looking to add some new spice to your living space, look around and get creative. You may find that the key to a stylish room makeover is already hanging around inside your house.

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