Reliable Rides for Kids

Just because you missed your kid’s soccer game doesn’t mean they have to miss their ride home. Driving services are branching off to a new target audience. Instead of focusing on the work commuters or late night riders, some driving services are bringing their business to children.

“Rides for your kids from people you trust” are the first words you read when visiting the Pogo website. To any parent, these words echo their concern. When they’re balancing a stressful schedule, they don’t want to worry about a stranger driving their kid. The number of unknowns can be unbearable to even the most lenient parent. Pogo is just one of many driving services for children that parents trust. The market for child driving services is vast, which is why we’ve whittled down the services to the top of the industry.

HopSkipDrive to the Rescue

HopSkipDrive is a driving service specializing in getting your kid from one location to the next. Most drivers have not had to take online traffic school for over 3 years and they make a clear point in promoting their “stringent” safety measures to give you peace of mind during your child’s commute. HopSkipDrive is right on the nose with this description. All drivers are required to have 5+ years of childcare experience, complete a 15-point certificate process, follow the 2-second rule saves lives mantra and pass a background check. They equip their driver’s cars with a dashboard camera and GPS tracker, so you can trace your child’s commute and ensure their safety – even from a distance.

Mums love Zūm!

Zūm is serving select locations in California. With a similar model to other kid focused driving services, Zūm stands out among others with their services to not just parents, but schools. Zūm is used by schools to transport students for most scholastic occasions, like field trips, sporting events, and extra curriculars. They also serve individual families with all the added security.

Stick with Pogo

Pogo is an emerging child driving service that matches you with driver’s who share similar routes. Instead of hiring a stranger to exclusively drive to your child’s location, Pogo has created a system that recruits the help of drivers who will share a similar route to your child’s destination.

Additionally, they give you the opportunity to connect and engage with the driver. This way you will interview the driver, before you hire them. You can turn that stranger into a friend. If you’re a bit of curmudgeon, they can just be a workplace acquaintance instead.

GoKid to Go Home

GoKid isn’t coy about their award winning tech. They’ve become a highly trusted driving service for children, because their system allows you to connect with similar families as well as track and schedule your child’s ride.

The unique feature about GoKid is the fact they don’t pay their drivers. To be selected as a driver, you must receive an invitation from a member. They only set up carpools with families you already know. They want to eliminate the caution parents feel about selecting the driver, by connecting them with people they already know. They didn’t just win an award for this feature. GoKid is most notable for their route optimization. They drop off every child in the car in the most efficient way possible.

Bounce home with Kango

HopSkipDrive isn’t the only service that requires a comprehensive interview process. Kango ensures you have the selection of the most secure, child friendly drivers in your area. They also have various payment plans that will meet your needs as a parent with an on-the-go child. Kango provides customizable ride sharing experience for your kid. The drivers don’t just offer a driving services, but a caring experience too.

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